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December 18, 2021

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  • On Episode 9 of ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air,’ the real Santa Claus – who goes by ‘Ed Taylor’ or ‘Santa Ed’ – drops into the studio from the North Pole to spread his holiday cheer and share the real deal about being Santa Claus. A jolly guy with a big heart for kids of all ages, Santa Ed has more than one billion television and social media views as Santa Claus. Seen on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and all the holiday commercials where Santa actually looks like Santa, he’s known as “the greatest Santa in the history of Santas” and has me convinced, he exists! Available virtually or in-person, Santa Ed is one gift that should be on everybody’s Christmas wish list. Spark up your holiday spirit with songs and secret Santa scooties about elves and more – all on this special holiday episode of ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air.’

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    About Ed Taylor (“Santa Ed”):

    Hollywood’s ‘go-to’ Santa Claus, Ed Taylor – also known as ‘Santa Ed’ or ‘That Santa Guy,’ spreads the Christmas spirit on TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel, The Doctors, Steve Harvey, Ridiculousness and is featured in commercials such as Chrysler, Reddi Wip and Kohl's. Offering personal in-person or online visits, Santa Ed also makes over 100 personal appearances a year, lifting families spirits and heightening holiday parties for universities, a U.S. Embassy, Mattel Toys, Facebook, Paramount Pictures, the L.A. Lakers and Nickelodeon. Credited as ‘the greatest Santa in the history of Santas,’ by Rob Dyrdek, host of MTV’s ‘Ridiculousness,’ Ed Taylor pioneered and runs a unique Santa School and networking platform for St. Nick’s called the ‘Worldwide Santa Claus Network.’ The Conservatory is the only one of its kind, offering online training year-round to more than 4,000 Santas and Mrs. Clauses worldwide. A master marketer and portrayer of Santa Claus, Ed Taylor teaches hundreds of “Claus portrayal” artists learn how to become extraordinary at providing virtual visits for families and business. Spreading good will and heart with every online view or in-person appearance, Santa Ed feels fortunate to have his wife, Lori – who is an award-winning artist, website developer, and occasional ‘Mrs. Claus’ – on his team as he helps make Christmas moments filled with joy and memorable for many.

    "Santa" Ed Taylor websites:


    Follow "Santa" Ed Taylor:
    Instagram: @thatsantaguy |
    Facebook: That Santa Guy - "Santa" Ed Taylor |https://www.facebook.com/ThatSantaGuy/
    Twitter: @ThatSantaGuy1 |https://twitter.com/thatsantaguy1

    Featured Artist:
    Stacy Blue. Writer/Publisher
    Song: "Christmas Star"

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