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November 11, 2021

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  • On Episode of 7, ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air, we face the facts about keeping our faces healthy and looking fresh with Sabrina Elhis – a leading esthetician, educator, and owner of ‘Sabrina Brow and Skin’ in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A powerhouse in the esthetic industry, Sabrina reveals the skincare essentials every human – young and old, male and female – needs to know to protect and care for the health of the face. Citing current research and science – and even examining institutional barriers holding back important, yet little-known truths – Sabrina breaks down four key products you can use for an effective face care regimen. Learn how to combat damage from the sun, pollution and blue light streaming from your screens, so you feel confident facing your world. All this and more about the essentials of skincare for your face, on ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air.’

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    About Sabrina Elhis:

    As a woman always in pursuit of the extraordinary, Sabrina is an Advanced Practice Esthetician and Head USA Trainer for Brow Secrets International. She started her career at a premier spa in the Twin Cities where she spent 13 years working in areas of anti-aging, rosacea, and acne. She has also worked for Minneapolis Plastic Surgery where she was trained in chemical peels, dermaplaning, and IPL treatments and other advanced modalities. She loves the healing art of Reiki and infuses that touch into all treatments both creative and clinical. Since 2016, she has had the pleasure of owning Sabrina Brow and Skin, which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Driving her 17+ year career is the passion to give women back their beauty and to empower them with self-confidence to face the world each day.

    About Sabrina

    Brow and Skin:https://sabrinabrowandskin.com



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