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Ultimate Camping Guide - Camping Tips & Checklist

May 24, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Camping Guide - Camping Tips & Checklist

Be Prepared for a Safe and Enjoyable Camping Adventure 

Camping is a fun and relaxing activity, whether you're experiencing nature with a group of friends or taking your kids on an exciting outdoor outing. Having the right gear plus a few helpful tips will make your camping trip a great success.

What Will You Need? A Camping Checklist

To make sure you have everything you need while on a camping excursion, it's best to break down your checklist into subcategories. Camping Essentials includes items such as efficient multi-tool, flashlights and headlamps, tarp, bungee cords or rope, an axe and lighters or waterproof matches. For your Shelter and Sleeping Supplies, you'll need a tent plus accessories (poles, stakes, etc.), air mattresses or sleeping pads, sleeping bags and/or blankets and pillows. Clothing should include apparel for various weather conditions. Plan your Food and Drink, so you don't forget any tools or condiments. Activity Gear includes hiking boots, daypack, first aid kit, water bottle, GPS, binoculars and sunscreen. And remember your Toiletries. Other essential camping gear includes folding chairs, a lantern, insect repellent, fire starter, batteries, games and books - and of course a camera, to capture all the fun (Camping Checklist).   

Helpful Camping Tips

Many different elements combine to create the perfect camping experience. When choosing your campsite, take a good look around. Find a location with strong, healthy trees that can provide some cover from the sun or rain. Wind direction can be very important. Ideally you want to be upwind from other campers' fires, as well as your own! Smaller tents take less effort to put up and will give you more flexibility in your camping location. Think about adding an old area rug and rope lights for your tent for comfort, coziness and the right amount of ambient light without having to use lanterns. Bring along water bottles that you can fill with hot or cold water, and place in your sleeping bag to keep you warm or cool you down, depending on the weather (89 Camping Tips).

Staying Energized and Mentally Clear with Recreational Oxygen

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