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Why Oxygen Plus is the Must-Have Ski and Snowboarding Accessory

December 06, 2017 3 min read

Why Oxygen Plus is the Must-Have Ski and Snowboarding Accessory

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member |

Do you plan on going skiing or snowboarding this season? In addition to making sure you bring all the necessary equipment to maximize your enjoyment, you should also ensure you’re well-prepared for adjusting to the altitude. Bringing along recreational oxygen canisters - or having Oxygen Plus (O+) shipped to your lodge, resort or final ski destination - is a must if you hope to feel and perform your absolute best and truly enjoy your adventure without being knocked down by the many rigors of adjusting to higher elevation.

Go Beyond the Basic Advice for Altitude Adjustment

There are plenty of tips associated with dealing with shifts in elevation, including the following suggested by a Colorado ski resort:

    • Do not overtax yourself when you first arrive at a higher elevation
    • Take supplements and vitamins for maximum athletic performance
    • Eat healthy foods
    • Refrain from drinking alcohol
    • Take medications such as acetazolamide a few days before you reach snowboarding or skiing altitude

While these tips may be helpful in helping the average sea level body adjust to a higher elevation, you can take your wellness one step further with the use of canned oxygen, like the extremely portable and durable products offered by Oxygen Plus. Breathing Oxygen Plus when you arrive at a higher elevation is an effective, immediate way to combat the effects of altitude, as it works to replenish your body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels. And when your oxygen levels are fully saturated, you feel more like you again. The number of canisters and breaths you will need each day - and hill - will vary, as the desired amount depends on an individual, the elevation and other factors (like jet lag, alcohol consumption, etc.). That's why the following is a very relevant, helpful altitude adjusting tip:

    • Breathe - and pack in your bag or pocket - canned oxygen such as the extremely portable, durable O+ Skinni from Oxygen Plus

You may find, like I have, you can conquer a mountain or get through a ski day with new power and energy. When I'm skiing, I always carry an O+ Skinni canister in my ski pant pocket. When I get winded (i.e., after digging myself out of a snowbank, after a long run and am on the chair lift), I whip out my Oxygen Plus and get my energy and ski legs back in a few deep breaths. I also find I'm not as sore the next day - especially if I breathe more oxygen apres-ski. By the way, I’ve discovered elevation onlyenhances my need for (and awareness for needing) oxygen. Supplementing with oxygen offers me daily benefit in my active lifestyle. Oxygen does this at sea level the same way oxygen works at altitude - effectively restoring depleted oxygen levels to status quo.

Oxygen At Sea Level

O+ recreational oxygen helps people who are recovering from alcohol consumption or a late night out, who travel by commercial air travel, commute in a polluted subway, or engage in rigorous physical activity.

Athletes need more oxygen than, say, a healthy individual going for a leisurely stroll around town, and that’s true even at sea level (Howell). This is because activities like skiing and snowboarding deplete the body’s oxygen levels, and that depletion can be compounded when high elevation is added into the mix. For this reason, not only is it a good idea to bring O+ portable recreational oxygen along with you on every ski or snowboarding trip, but for you to also use recreational oxygen when you want to improve athletic performance, recover faster after a workout, or improve your mental clarity.

Learn more about making the most of your snowboarding and skiing trips and defeating altitude sickness in its tracks. Get in touch with Oxygen Plus - or order your O+ oxygen - before your next snowy excursion.  


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