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Ultimate Weight Training Guide: Training with Oxygen

April 18, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Weight Training Guide: Training with Oxygen

Weight Training with Oxygen: The Ultimate Boost

Looking for a new way to take your weight training endeavors to the next level? Meet Oxygen Plus (O+). Our pure recreational oxygen is designed to give you the added boost you need before, during and after weight training. Most serious trainers know that oxygen is an integral tool for helping your body perform at its peak, which is why athletes are now turning to supplemental oxygen to help reach their best sport performance. Got oxygen? Why is recreational oxygen ideal for weight lifters? Well, besides helping you stay engaged and push further at the gym, it can also provide you with added benefits after you're done working out. Supplemental oxygen can help restore the body's oxygen levels, which helps deter the buildup of lactic acid, which in turn causes muscle fatigue. As you probably know, weight lifting generally produces a high level of lactic acid, which is why added oxygen is a top-level choice for lifters.

How to Breathe Oxygen While Weight Training

  • Pre-Training - Breathing a few deep breaths of pure oxygen before your workout can help you get over the hump you need to push yourself to get to the gym. This pocket-sized pick-me-up provides your body with the ideal oxygen levels so that you feel sharp, energized and ready to conquer an important day in the weight room.
  • While You Train - Oxygen can help you improve performance and increase stamina and endurance. According to research, U.S. Olympic athletes who used oxygen in conjunction with high-altitude training were able to extend their workouts and improve performance (Wilbur). But you don't need to lift at high altitudes to get the benefits of oxygen while you train. Breathing pure oxygen between reps at regular altitudes is also an ideal way to help you stay focused on your task.
  • Post-Training - Muscles require glycogen from carbohydrates, and when glycogen is burnt without oxygen, it produces lactic acid and causes muscle fatigue. Pro athletes have used supplemental oxygen to help combat lactic acid and help them faster recover from muscle fatigue after strenuous workouts (Moss).


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