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How to Use Oxygen for Track & Field

December 29, 2016 1 min read

How to Use Oxygen for Track & Field

Benefit to Track Athletes

  • Reduce Lactic Acid Fatigue
  • Increase Power and Explosiveness
  • Increase Endurance – Finish Stronger
  • Reduce Recovery Time Between Sets & Training Days

When to Use Oxygen Plus (Formerly Oxygen Factor)

  • Sprint Interval Training
  • Strength Training
  • After Training for Recovery
  • In Competition ALWAYS

When Not to Use Oxygen Plus

  • Cardio Training (If your goal is to improve your cardio, using Oxygen Plus is like cheating)
  • Low-Intensity Training (if you are not gasping for breath, don’t use Oxygen Plus)

How to Use Oxygen Plus

For Sprint Intervals:

  • Take 10 shots of Oxygen Plus about halfway through your warm-up
  • Take 5 more shots as needed throughout training

For Strength Training:

  • Take 10 shots at beginning of workout
  • Take 5 additional shots every 20-30 min depending on the intensity of training

For Best Results in Competition:

  • Take 5 shots at beginning of warm-up
  • Take 10 shots about half way through warmup
  • Take 5-10 more shots after warm-up before stepping out onto track
  • If running rounds, take 10 shots immediately after competition for recovery.
  • In competition, more is always better.

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