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An Oxygen Boost, the Breath, and the GYROTONIC® Exercise Method

March 09, 2018 4 min read

An Oxygen Boost, the Breath, and the GYROTONIC® Exercise Method

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member |

What’s catching wind with professional dancers, elite athletes, such as Andy Murray and Tiger Woods, and wellness-minded celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Madonna? The mesmerizing GYROTONIC® exercise method is a comprehensive approach and system to exercise that is quickly elevating the workout regimens of active persons worldwide. At the time of this article’s publication, the GYROTONIC® exercise method, and its complimentary GYROKINESIS® method, is thriving in 74 countries, spanning lifestyles and demographics.

What Is the GYROTONIC® Exercise Method?

The GYROTONIC® exercise method is often thought of as incorporating remnants of classical ballet, gymnastics, yoga, pilates, tai chi and swimming. In technical terms, it can be described as a full-body, circular, rhythmic movement/breathing-based workout that uses custom equipment (called the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method) to increase an individual’s range of motion, and stretch and strengthen – without straining – the body’s joints (Body Balance and Beyond).

Breathing and the GYROTONIC® Exercise Method

The circular, rhythmic motions involved in the GYROTONIC® exercise method makes breathing an essential component of the method, in which certain types of breathing patterns, or breaths, are used for each movement. Whatever the movement, the breath leads the movement. Or, stated differently: From the breath all movement flows. GYROTONIC®exercise teaches that the breath originates from the diaphragm, helping “people to breathe consciously to oxygenate both the body and mind” (Vergnano).

On a physiological level, this fluid relationship of breathing and movement enhances the circulation of blood and oxygen, helping to improve cardiovascular strength, increase metabolism; enhance aerobic output; stimulate neuromuscular rejuvenation, and remove toxins – thereby revitalizing the entire human body (Body Balance and Beyond).

In her article, Breathing Again, certified GYROTONIC® Trainer (of which there are 13,000 worldwide), Lucia Vergnano, emphasizes why re-learning how to breathe oxygen is the key to enhancing this particular exercise as well as feelings of well-being during an individual’s everyday life. “What better ingredient to feed your body than oxygen?”, states Vergnano. “Oxygenating your blood, muscles and mind correctly means preventing contractions. It means learning to maintain a correct posture and dealing with stressful moments (which are plentiful!) in a more conscious way.”

An Oxygen Boost and the GYROTONIC® Exercise Method

While both ancient and modern mind-body disciplines have advanced the importance of proper breathing techniques, an exciting new advantage for today’s wellness-minded persons rests in what is breathed.Supplementing three to 20 breaths of pure recreational oxygen, such as Oxygen Plus, into your workout serves to enhance the current benefits of properly breathing the oxygen (~21% oxygen) that’s in regular, everyday air. It’s a natural, handheld oxygen boost that’s available in a portable oxygen can.

With more than four times the amount of oxygen found in most gyms or studios, breathing from a canister of pure recreational oxygen from Oxygen Plus works to speed up the recovery time, reduce the soreness that may result from an intense workout, and remove toxins that occur from the strains of modern life.

Anaerobic exercise in particular, which is the common type of exercise in GYROTONIC® exercise method, drains on the body’s oxygen supply, causing muscle fatigue. In the absence of ample oxygen, this draining effect creates the unwanted byproduct of excess lactic acid. Unsaturated lactic acid, and the resulting effort (wasted energy) and soreness that can occur, is reduced when combined with adequate oxygen supplementation during exercise. The European Journal of Applied Physiology highlights this effect, citing the connection between, and benefit from, inhaling enriched oxygen during exercise: Oxygen supplementation helps reduce inflammatory responses after vigorous exercise (White, J., Dawson, B., Landers, G., Croft, K., & Peeling, P.).

Consider Breathing Oxygen In a Can

What a product like Oxygen Plus could do for an individual who, for instance, performs GYROTONIC® exercise, is offer an oxygen boost or an “oxygen-enriched breathing routine” – that's portable, handheld oxygen that easily slips in a bag – that helps restore depleted oxygen levels to optimal levels, enhancing the natural rhythm and flow of the breath.

Plus, with no carbs, no calories, no caffeine and no unwanted side effects or risk of overdose (when the product is used as intended, with “intermittent use”), celebrities, elite athletes and average wellness-minded persons alike can receive a physiological benefit and physical reprieve that is truly healthy and nourishing – similar to drinking sufficient water.

Consider where to buy oxygen and making Oxygen Plus pure recreational oxygen part of the flow of your next GYROTONIC® workout – and lifestyle – so you breathe elevated…at work, home and play.



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GYROTONIC®,GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

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