Oxygen Plus - Portable Recreational Oxygen in a Canister - Sports Pack

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O+ Sports Pack – 3 O+ Biggi & 3 O+ Skinni

  • Energize and recover with the O+ Sports Pack from Oxygen Plus, For a limited time, you can breathe easy with this special 6-pack bundle: Three (3) O+ Skinni and (3) O+ Biggi oxygen canisters.

    • DOMINATE YOUR SPORT – Elite athletes have long used supplemental oxygen to improve performance and increase endurance. The O+ Sports Pack is a duo of two of Oxygen Plus best-sellers that help you perform your best during your sports game or workout at the gym. Two convenient and on-the-go oxygen canisters—the O+ Biggi and O+ Skinni—are paired together for anytime and anywhere your oxygen levels dip below their optimal state.
    • RECOVER POST-WORKOUT – When you’re done performing on the field, keeping an O+ Biggi or O+ Skinni oxygen canister handy ensures that your muscles effectively recover to avoid soreness and stay on track with your workouts. What you put in your body to stay on track matters, too—our pure recreational oxygen is an all-natural product that contains no carbs, sugar, flavors or additives.
    • HOW TO USE – The O+ Skinni and O+ Biggi are easy-to-use, and lightweight yet durable. To use, simply press the button with your pointer finger or thumb to release the flow of pure oxygen, and inhale through your mouth or nose as you press down the button. To hit the O+ Biggi, breathe in using our ergonomically designed mask. For the O+ Skinni, simply press the actuating button. For energy and recovery, breathe 3 to 5 breaths—or as much as you need when used as directed.
    • BREATHE EASY – Includes 3 O+ Skinni and 3 O+ Biggi oxygen canisters, the perfect additions to your fitness-centered lifestyle. Each O+ Biggi contains a total of 220+ breaths and 11L of pure oxygen, while each sleek O+ Skinni contains approximately 50+ breaths and 3.42L of pure oxygen. Oxygen Plus offers the only portable oxygen canisters worldwide that are manufactured in clean room at an FDA-registered facility.

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