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The O+ Stick from Oxygen Plus helps girlawhirl take a breather

May 21, 2013 2 min read

    The O+ Stick from Oxygen Plus helps girlawhirl take a breather

    Sometimes Girlawhirl feels like she just can’t catch her breath; too many “to do’s” and not enough time to do them all. Add in a little jet-lag and a pinch of stress and she’s toast. Upon arriving at a Super Pal’s place on the west coast, Girlawhirl just wanted to throw down her bags, and her body, and take a nap. Unfortunately, her Super Pal had other plans. Calculating the time difference, Girlawhirl realized it was too late for a nap and too early for bed. Agreeing to dinner and a night on the town, Girlawhirl asked for a java jolt before heading out. Her Pal refused her, saying she had a much better wake-up alternative for her drowsy friend: a pump of fresh oxygen…

    But instead of heading for the local oxygen bar – as Girlawhirl assumed her friend was implying – she handed her a TV remote size O+StickTM from Oxygen Plus.

    The handheld, column-looking, contraption houses a (recyclable!) canister filled with 90% pure, enriched oxygen in either natural or peppermint flavors – and it looks like orange vanilla, lavender, ginger, mango, cappuccino and grapefruit flavors are coming this summer. The O+Stick’s oxygen is four times more concentrated than ambient air and boosts energy levels immediately.

    Girlawhirl just pointed the handheld container towards her mouth, pulled the lever and took three or four (she’s allowed up to five) deep breaths. She’s not sure if it was the shock of the initial blast of air, the ensuing giggles, or the oxygen itself, but without a doubt she perked up immediately.
    Her pal – a regular at the local oxygen enclave – said the O+Stick is her go-to for a breath of fresh air on the go. Girlawhirl can’t wait to get her own O+Stick for her next global trek. She thinks it will be quite handy to always have clean oxygen with her no matter where in the world she lands.
    Girlawhirl found her O+Stick online at

    **Editor’s note: At press time the O+Stick is not allowed in carry-on baggage but it is allowed in checked baggage. Oxygen Plus recommends packing O+ in checked baggage inside its plastic Elevate Pack container. TSA rules change often, so please check for the regulations for taking oxygen on flights.

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