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Stress Relievers: Elevate Your Energy with Oxygen Plus

August 29, 2015 2 min read

    Stress Relievers: Elevate Your Energy with Oxygen Plus

    Exhausted? In need of quick clean energy? If you are still relying on protein bars and/or energy drinks to get through your workouts or even to relieve gnawing stressful feelings Oxygen Plus (O+) is definitely for you.

    Oxygen Plus (O+) is a portable recreational oxygen that provides the purest form of energy to wellness-minded individuals worldwide. Out of a need to combat poor air quality, which plagues many Americans today, Oxygen Plus was developed to provide a healthy alternative. The natural properties and benefits of oxygen have been made accessible through this unique and innovative product line, which offers 95% pure oxygen — in an environmentally-thoughtful canister that is quality-controlled and filled in the USA.

    Oxygen Plus Benefits

    • Oxygen Plus can diminish exposure to polluted and stale air
    • Oxygen Plus offers a healthy solution to individuals who suffer from fatigue and tiredness caused by lower than normal oxygen levels in the body, as well as healthy individuals who maintain active lifestyles
    • Oxygen Plus can help improve cognitive performance, including memory and reaction time
    • Oxygen Plus can help increase mental clarity and alertness
    • Oxygen Plus can help decrease stress levels
    • Oxygen Plus can help increase stamina and help to optimize athletic performance
    • Oxygen Plus can help your body recuperate after vigorous exercise and enable muscles to recover faster from fatigue
    • Oxygen Plus can help offset the effects of altitude, helping your mind stay sharp and your body energized, like it’s at sea level
    • Oxygen Plus can help alleviate the effects of jet lag and restores the your body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal levels after long flights
    • Oxygen Plus can help combat some of the negative effects related to alcohol consumption

    Oxygen Plus products are available as: the O+ Mini canister (offers 24+ breaths of oxygen), O+ Skinni canister (offers 50+ breaths of oxygen) and the O+ Elevate Pack, which includes the reusable O-Stick shell and (2) starter refills – each offering more than 50 breaths of oxygen. Each product can also be purchased in a variety of flavors including: Natural, Peppermint, and Pink Grapefruit. All are accessible online at

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