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O2my! Caffeine’s air apparent

May 21, 2013 1 min read

    O2my! Caffeine’s air apparent

    TIME to make the O face! The latest in ridiculous-ways-to-spend-hard-earned-money is the O+Stick (oxygenplus.com), a nifty little inhaler that delivers hits of 90 percent enriched oxygen. By contrast, oxygen makes up just 21 percent of the air you normally breathe, so this is a considerable boost.

    Casinos have long pumped extra oxygen into the air to keep gamblers spritely and O+Stick’s a bit like having a blackjack table in your purse – except you’re only taken for the $34 it costs for the inhaler plus two canisters, one peppermint flavored. O+Stick’s makers claim a single dose – three to five breaths – can help you feel mentally sharper, more alert and energetic. Feeling dim-witted and sluggish, we gave it a try – and we loved it. A few hits really did pep us up. So we tried it again. And again.

    Turns out, the high doesn’t last that long. If you follow O+Stick’s recommendation of no more than 10 uses per day, or about one canister (which are about $10 each), that’s a pretty pricey habit.

    Good thing they say it’s not habit-forming: “There is nothing that is known to be addictive in the O+Stick,” says spokeswoman Jill Mangio. “I’m sure you could get addicted to the ‘elevated’ feeling that it supplies.”

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