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A breath of fresh air

May 21, 2013 1 min read

    A breath of fresh air

    The last time you needed air, you were in: a) The sob-wracked depths of agony. b) The pant-filled throes of ecstasy. c) A breath-holding contest with the first grader seated next to you at Benihana.
    Too bad you didn’t have the O+ Stick, enriched oxygen in a tube.

    • Use it post-hangover, preworkout, or whenever you’re feeling deflated.
    • It promises all the pep of coffee and none of the consequences.
    • The peppermint flavor even packs a cool, mouth-freshening aftertaste.

    Position it in front of your nose, inhaler style, take in three to five quick pumps, and wait for a sense of mental and physical alertness to sweep over you. Its effects are most profound for the first few minutes, but by then you should be perked up and ready for round two…of whatever it is that makes you so short of breath.
    Available at Skin Science, 880 Holcomb Bridge Road, suite b105, Roswell GA (770-642-9779);
    Or, online at oxygenplus.com.

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