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August 08, 2021

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  • On this episode of, ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air,’ Scott and Lauren get schooled by Dr. Charles Meakin, M.D., on why breathing – one of the most natural and automatic phenomenon known to life – is sometimes so complicated and done incorrectly. Dr. Meakin, who has researched and practiced breathwork extensively, shares some practical, easy and important breathing exercises healthy people can practice until it becomes automatic. Dr. Meakin also explains why pro athletes – including American Professional golfer, Phil Mickelson – are making breathwork a top priority for mental clarity and athletic performance. Plus, you’ll hear our featured artist, Becky Rae Dalton, sing ‘Sunny Day’ from her album, ‘Ready or Not.’ All this and more about the mysterious basics of breathing on this exciting episode of ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air.’

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