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Avoiding the Afternoon Slump with Oxygen

January 18, 2017 2 min read

Avoiding the Afternoon Slump with Oxygen

Okay, Oxygenators. This playful young goddess is going sphinx and I dare you to solve my riddle! This past Wednesday was one of my most stressful and successful days so far. Remember how I went to that conference in Las Vegas? Well, the new point of contact I made was going to call around 3 pm to discuss creating an account for his new product. This was my first potential sale and believe me, I couldn't tell if I wanted to run, scream or dance! Of course, I also had a huge presentation to do at 2 pm. Scheduling just wasn't on my side that day, but hey, professionals are up for any challenge!

Let me know if you identify with this: I find presentations exhausting! I'm so focused on doing well in the moment and I get a little drained afterwards. However, my Oxygenators and I know the jittery feeling that accompanies coffee and energy drinks won't be the solution to a tired mind. My riddle is: What do I do for a little more energy? That's right. I packed my Pink Grapefruit scented O+ Skinni in my bag.

A colleague and I met for lunch to discuss some last minute details of our presentation. To make sure I resisted the after lunch lethargy, I took a couple breaths from my oxygen supply. My partner and I did extremely well in our presentation, but we really shined in the panel following. Even after a 30-minute presentation, I felt alert and ready for every question, but the true test came with my 3 pm phone call. The client called right on time and after a few more breaths from my O+ oxygen canister, I was surprised at how focused and energized I felt. The client even specially requested to work with me from then on, so it's safe to say I making a great impression! Is it me or does this Pink Grapefruit-flavored oxygen taste like a promotion?

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