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Cheryl Fairweather – Pro Athlete, O+ Ambassador

December 29, 2016 1 min read

Cheryl Fairweather – Pro Athlete, O+ Ambassador

Professional multi-sport athlete Cheryl Fairweather knows what it takes to perform at her optimum level.

A Team USA track and field star, a professional cycling competitor, and a former women’s league football player, Cheryl makes every breath count by caring for her body and mind with a quality, performance and recovery focused regimen and routine. Oxygen Plus is proud to be the part of what keeps Cheryl feeling and performing her best when she’s training and competing with professional athletes around the globe. Pro and everyday athletes alike have discovered that using O+ products correctly gives their performance, recovery and mental concentration that extra edge.

For more information on how to use O+ for athletic performance, gives us a shout.

“When I train and compete, I take a few deep breaths of Oxygen Plus to quickly recover and restore my depleted oxygen levels.”

“O+ is my go-to recovery and performance enhancer in competition, training and travel. All-natural and easy-to-carry, it’s a great energy refresher that’s now a part of my everyday life.”

“I’ve been able to recover so much faster and mentally pull it together in between my run sets. Who would have thought O+ helped build confidence!”

“I use O+ like water and I don’t waste any of it. There are times when I DESPERATELY need my O+ (like running at max heart rate). After learning how to train with O+, my max output increased tremendously.”

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