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Types of Pollution and How to Combat It

March 22, 2017 2 min read

Types of Pollution and How to Combat It

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if you live in a bustling metropolis or a rural community. You’re likely facing the presence of pollution. Here are the most common types of pollution and how to combat them so you can breathe, and live, as healthy as possible.

The Most Common Types of Pollution

Toxic Waste

  • Air Pollution — Caused by everything from vehicle emissions to forest fires, air pollution occurs in every single corner of the globe. This type of pollution arises when contaminants disturb the natural composition and chemistry of the air and it there is no effective way to remove it. ADD A LITTLE MORE SCIENCE HERE PLEASE.
  • Water Pollution ­— When we think of water pollution, we often think of big corporations dumping contaminants into the ocean. However, this type of pollution can occur naturally through increased sediment from soil erosion and organic material decay. Water pollution can also occur from improper waste disposal and littering. Water pollution impacts humans and wildlife as it can occur in oceans, lakes and rivers, and yes, unfortunately it may end up in our drinking water.
  • Soil or Land Pollution — Although deliberate, landfills are a prime example of land pollution. This type of pollution occurs when particles contaminate soil and prevent natural growth. It can occur during hazardous waste removal, sewage spills, pesticide disposal, deforestation, littering and household dumping.
  • Thermal Pollution — Thermal pollution is defined as the contamination of excess heat in the environment, which is most often caused by power plants, urban sprawl, deforestation and air pollution that traps heat. This type of pollution disrupts the Earth’s natural temperature cycle and may have detrimental long-term effects (Mayntz).

Combating Pollution: Got Oxygen?TM

Exposure to pollution can negatively affect your health in the short- and long-term. Health issues caused by air pollution — especially respiratory issues — are commonly caused because the body is working overtime to try to compensate for a lack of oxygen (Air Quality). For that reason, breathing pure oxygen in the form of an Oxygen Plus (O+) recreational oxygen canister is an effective way to ensure that your body has the oxygen it needs to thrive. You can also help combat pollution by supporting sustainable businesses (i.e., organic farms) and companies that have pledged to safely dispose of and reduce waste.


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