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Achieving the O+ Mission During the COVID-19 Crisis

April 15, 2020 2 min read

Achieving the O+ Mission During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Christine Warren, O+ Founder

Every day since I founded Oxygen Plus in 2003, I have encouraged my team to take steps toward making oxygen more available. Aligned to our company mission – to make a significant contribution to the wellbeing of humankind – our team worked tirelessly to pioneer the new consumer product goods category of Recreational Oxygen, and to set the bar as the company leading the growing wellness, lifestyle product.

The Founding Vision of Oxygen Plus

My founding vision was to make oxygen be more accessible and to make sure people didn’t have to worry about breathing easy. Before I started Oxygen Plus, I was a licensed marriage and family therapist. Some of my clients would come into my office wearing uncomfortable oxygen cannulas. Others would share how they couldn’t get prescription oxygen – because their oxygen saturation levels weren’t low enough. I thought the unfriendly design of medical oxygen was a travesty. And I had issue with the government dictating when people could breathe easy. I wanted to do something about it, so – with a “room full of geniuses” – I set out to make oxygen consumer-friendly and accessible. We went recreational.

Success In The Midst of The COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has made me feel successful in helping people. I never wanted a virus to be the push for portable oxygen. However, people are knowing about oxygen and the benefit it offers. During this shared time of challenge, we’ve found many people know about our oxygen. They know they can buy oxygen online. They possess less fear and anxiety with Oxygen Plus by their side. Over the past several weeks, I have seen all of this happening. So I feel successful.

In addition, our team has pulled together to overcome internal and external factors associated with the coronavirus. Our oxygen is getting to people. We’re continuing to produce our oxygen canisters at our FDA-registered facility. We’re getting our product shipped and delivered to people’s doors. Thus, we’re doing it. We’re fulfilling our founding mission of helping people and making a difference that matters. This is one of my life’s successes.

Definitions of Success

Of course, my definition of success is not how some might see success. In business, some just judge by the numbers. Certainly that plays a critical part. Despite any sales numbers, we accomplished what we set out to achieve. And more importantly, we get to help give the most basic yet fundamental gifts of life: Oxygen and the ability to breathe easy. To me, that’s success

Giving the ability to breathe easy is something I believe we can all do during these times – whether that’s a video call, a text message or a socially-distanced six foot smile to a passing stranger!

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