O-puff - with cannabis leaf

  • O-puff - with cannabis leaf
  • O-puff - with cannabis leaf

O-puff - with cannabis leaf


O-puff can lift your everyday experience…whether you’re enjoying the benefits of cannabis, or simply living your active life.

What is O-puff?

The active ingredient in O-puff is 95% pure oxygen.

A new wellness product designed for health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts, O-puff is manufactured by, Oxygen Plus, a U.S. wellness company who is considered the worldwide leader in the growing category of recreational portable oxygen.

One single O-puff canister contains more than 50 deep breaths - which is approximately 8 to 12 uses - of 95% pure recreational oxygen.

Why breathe O-puff?

A great alternative to energy shots, energy drinks and caffeine, O-puff is natural energy and recovery – conveniently delivered in a compact canister, so you can breathe it whenever you want a side-effect free shot of pure, revitalizing energy.

A natural pairing for cannabis lovers, inhaling a few hits of O-puff helps top off your energy level and increase focus and mental clarity – especially after a big puff.

In addition to cannabis and sport applications, it’s also the perfect bud to help recoup from late nights, high altitude and pollution.

Puff yeah! Try a few puffs of O-puff oxygen to enhance your active, everyday experience today.