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why oxygen product

  • Stay more alert behind the wheel
  • Diminish your exposure to stale and polluted air
  • Reduce feelings of drowsiness and fatigue
  • Lessen the exposure to pollutants like exhaust fumes and other poor indoor and outdoor air

Travel for business or leisure? It can be a long, hard road.

  • Restore depleted oxygen levels after undergoing air pressure variations
  • Alleviate the effects of travel fatigue and stress
  • Revive from stuffy airplane, and stale or polluted air
  • Stay alert and regain mental focus when you land

Monday morning meeting or 3 p.m. lull? Heighten concentration, alertness and mental clarity where it pays.

  • Heighten concentration, alertness and mental clarity
  • Improve cognitive performance, including memory and reaction time
  • Sustain energy and vitality
  • Decrease school and workplace stress
  • Diminish the body’s exposure to stale indoor or polluted air

Ski, board, bike, hike - or float - at altitude? In the mountains, altitude can literally take your breath away.

  • Reduce the effects of altitude, including feeling tired and short of breath
  • Restore mental clarity and alertness at elevation
  • Optimize athletic performance at higher altitudes
  • Speed up muscle recovery, and reduce soreness, after skiing, hiking or biking

How Much Oxygen to Breathe at High Elevations

Pro athlete or workout junkie? O+ pure recreational oxygen gives that extra edge.

  • Top off energy levels before, during, or after an intense workout
  • Improve performance and increase stamina and endurance
  • Help muscles recover more quickly after vigorous exercise
  • Reduce soreness caused from lactic acid

Party like an ageless rock star? O+ is the perfect wing man.

  • Combating the symptoms of alcohol consumption
  • Recovering from post-party fog
  • Boosting energy before, during, or after a big night out
  • Keeping you alert, focused, and ready for the morning
  • Reviving energy levels with an all-natural alternative to caffeine

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