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Pick Up Some Butts!

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member |  A bus stop billboard caught my eye the other day. It was an advertisement for screening/tests for people who had successfully quit smoking cigarettes. The image of a woman, standing on an impressive mountain of cigarette butts, spoke volumes: Every little cigarette adds up. In fact, in a world where ten million cigarettes are purchased a minute, the number of toxic-filled cigarettes smoked – and discarded – each year is in the trillions, and the number of cigarette butts trashed annually (~5 trillion) weighs ~2 billion pounds. Surveying the streets beneath my boots – speckled by culturally-accepted, semi- innocuous cigarette butts – I now wondered how much, and in what ways, those cigarette butts, and the...

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Who Can Steal Your Oxygen?

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member | The times may be, or appear, divisive. Yet we may agree on the point that we all share the same air, and atmosphere. It may surprise you just how interconnected the air we breathe really is. Consider the breaths you inhale each day from an astrophysicist’s perspective. In his book, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, scientist Neil de Grasse Tyson writes, “A single breathful draws in more air molecules than there are breathfuls of air in Earth’s entire atmosphere.” Selah! (Pause and think about that)! That means we have to share – and can’t steal – each other’s oxygen, not even when we’re in the same room or Twittersphere. The physical properties of...

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The Air of Our Children

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member | I had the privilege of witnessing my brother’s first baby-boy’s baptism this weekend. As the minister plunged the baby’s wiggly head under the trickling water, I caught his little nose seeking a breath of air. I feel fortunate that my nephew and nieces will grow up in a city that is known for its 10,000 plus lakes and environmental progressiveness. However, I am saddened that many lovely children – who live in both impoverished and industrialized nations – will not have ready access to clean air. The World Health Organization recently reported that 3 million people a year die from air pollution – that’s more than Malaria and HIV/Aids deaths combined! And while more...

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A New York Breath

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member | As a New Yorker, I appreciate Oxygen Plus (O+) because I know – and can be in control of – what's going into my lungs. Living in the tenth most polluted metro area in the U.S., even a quick walk with the dog can leave me coughing and gasping for a breath of fresh air (Rice). Just today, I turned a corner with my pup, only to be greeted by a big cloud of second-hand cigarette smoke. Next, the taste and smell of a building renovation viscerally coated the inside of my mouth. To top off our walk, several large trucks whizzed by spouting out black exhaust fumes. And I felt terrible. Knowing that...

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Be Aware of the Air You Breathe: Our Air Pollution Crisis

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member | The air we breathe: It’s invisible, but it can be poisonous, dangerous, even deadly. Plus, air pollution and poor air quality is a bigger problem than you may believe – affecting the majority of the world’s population both indoors and outdoors. This alarming reality should arose you to a state of anger – and moreover, into a place of taking action. First, Know Your Air Perhaps the initial step in working toward curtailing air pollution is to assess the current state of the air we breathe. We have to know what’s out there – in our atmosphere. Here is a brief rundown of the facts, sourced from a recent article in The Guardian (Harvey)...

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Exercise and Oxygen Deficit vs. Oxygen Debt

John William and the O+ Team | Yes, you’re healthy and work out…but do you ever wonder why you’re out of breath when hiking up a long flight of stairs? Let’s take a look – through the lens of oxygen deficit and oxygen debt – at how oxygen works within the body during exercise. And, let’s then consider why breathing Oxygen Plus – which is pure recreational oxygen for natural energy and recovery – can help an active person go farther and feel better by enhancing aspects related to oxygen deficit and oxygen debt. What follows is a brief overview of the difference between oxygen deficit and oxygen debt: “Oxygen debt” is the overall debt accumulated during exercise that has...

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Commute by Subway? Grab Your Oxygen Plus!

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member | It is estimated that, worldwide, there are more than 120 million people who commute daily (Amato). The demand and need for public transportation continues as people move to larger cities. Typically affordable and convenient in expensive metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Toronto, commuting by train or subway is part of many city-dweller’s daily grind.   In addition to providing convenience and an affordable means of transportation, subways pay a vital part in urbanization by reducing air pollution and traffic in larger cities. While the reduction of air pollution is a positive outcome, one ironic aspect of commuting by subway that is causing concern – and researchers to actively study –...

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What Cigarette Smokers and Those Who Live in Polluted Cities Both Need: Pure Oxygen

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member | As you learn from an early age, oxygen is an essential component of life and living. Humans, and of course even the dogs we love, breathe the oxygen available in ambient air to thrive and function. But what happens when your body does not get sufficient oxygen through the air you breathe? Or what happens when the air you’re breathing has been compromised or contaminated? Air pollution and cigarette smoking add additional toxins to the air that’s inhaled, so a smoker or someone living in a polluted city may not get optimal levels of oxygen on a regular basis. In addition to experiencing an on-going, long-term oxygen debt, the effects of sub-par oxygen levels...

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Why Oxygen Plus is the Air Apparent to Energy Shots, Drinks and Supplements

Andre Peschong and Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Members | Oxygen Plus is a healthier alternative to “energy” shots, energy drinks and energy supplements because O+ oxygen is completely natural, side-effect free, and has a wider range of practical applications. Don't reach for the chemicals or suffer from unwanted side-effects before you try the simple solution first - more oxygen. Oxygen uptake is directly related to health and performance. Insufficient oxygen in the blood, called hypoxia, can lead to lightheadedness, fatigue, lactic acid buildup, and in more extreme cases, headaches, tingling of extremities, nausea, confusion and disorientation. The causes of insufficient oxygen uptake, sometimes called an oxygen debt, include changes in altitude, environmental factors like smoking cigarettes and air pollution, vigorous...

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The Best Time to Breathe Canned Oxygen?

Perhaps the question is, when isn’t it the best time to breathe canned oxygen? Any time is a good time for healthy people who use the product as directed…unless you’re flying in a commercial airplane. In that case it’s not a good time as, in the United States, flying with oxygen canisters is not permitted by TSA. But don’t despair. Oxygen Plus swiftly ships to your destination – which is perfect if you want to travel light and have your oxygen there when you land to help rebound from jet lag or to acclimatize to higher elevation. For the rest of us, in everyday applications, the best time to use O+ pure recreational oxygen is whenever you want a natural,...

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What Is Canned Oxygen and When Do You Use It?

Canned oxygen is a game-changer. It’s an effective, all-natural energy supplement and recovery aid that can help you feel…well, more like your best you again! Unlike other energy supplements or energy alternatives, its side effect-free with no carbs, no calories, no caffeine, and no crash. Yet oxygen in a can goes further. Let’s explore what’s inside a can of Oxygen Plus (O+) and see what quality oxygen can do for you and when you will want to use it. What is Canned Oxygen? Canned oxygen is oxygen that’s delivered to your mouth or nose, most commonly from an aluminum canister (or more accurately, a cylinder) through a pressurized mechanism (not a propellant) when the user depresses the actuator and inhales....

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Ultimate Pollution Guide - Top US Cities for Air Pollution

According to the 2016 State of Air Report — a study conducted by the American Lung Association — several U.S. cities are facing a big, ugly pollution problem. Here’s a list of the most polluted cities in the U.S., according to the study. The findings were based on ozone and particulate pollution from 2012 through 2014 (Most Polluted Cities). Got oxygen?TM Los Angeles, California — Infamous for its traffic, L.A. tops the list for the most polluted city in the U.S. With a population of nearly 4 million, Los Angeles is the U.S. second most populous city, only behind New York City. It was ranked No. 1 for high ozone days out of 288 U.S. metropolitan areas and ranked 4th...

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Types of Pollution and How to Combat It

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if you live in a bustling metropolis or a rural community. You’re likely facing the presence of pollution. Here are the most common types of pollution and how to combat them so you can breathe, and live, as healthy as possible. The Most Common Types of Pollution Air Pollution — Caused by everything from vehicle emissions to forest fires, air pollution occurs in every single corner of the globe. This type of pollution arises when contaminants disturb the natural composition and chemistry of the air and it there is no effective way to remove it. ADD A LITTLE MORE SCIENCE HERE PLEASE. Water Pollution ­— When we think of water pollution, we often think of big...

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