O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus

  • O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus
  • O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus
  • O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus
  • O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus

O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus


Let the recovery begin. Slip the slim and lightweight Oxygen Plus (O+) Skinni in Natural into your briefcase, purse or ski jacket pocket for an on-the-go lift that will help you conquer the day.

Featuring 6 canisters of pure recreational oxygen – each with more than 50 deep breaths – the O+ Skinni Natural 6-Pack will help you maintain your body’s normal, healthy oxygen levels during a strenuous activity or environmental change.

Whether you’re jumping time zones or recovering from a vigorous workout, O+ oxygen provides you with a convenient, natural way to restore your energy levels at the times you need it most.

Each canister of the elevating unscented Natural scent is just over 8 inches tall, and the entire 6-pack weighs just 0.7 pounds.

Elevate your experience today with Oxygen Plus!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Of course it is, we designed it with you in mind. Ideal for skiing, hiking, or recovering from a late night out. Standing tall and trim, you can cleverly slip the O+ Skinni into your ski jacket or hiking backpack.
  • SLOW RELEASE - Our Oxygen Canisters have a “tilt-back" top that releases oxygen slowly into your mouth or nose so that you can breathe it in.
  • WE CARE - Our Oxygen Canisters are designed, quality-controlled and filled in the U.S.A., the O+ Mini is recyclable and made from recyclable aluminum.
  • SIZE - Includes six (6) O+ Skinni canisters - Each Oxygen Plus O+ Skinni is 7.5 inches tall, 1.25 inches in diameter and weighs 49 grams. One canister contains more than 50 breaths (3.42L) of pure recreational oxygen for natural energy and recovery.
  • ALL OCCASIONS - Portable oxygen is well known for use at high altitudes, but can be helpful for any daily task. Whether you are suffering from jet lag, working late, taking a long drive, working out or recovering from a late night out, always keep an Oxygen Plus oxygen canister close by.

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O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 25 reviews.