O+O+ SkinniO+ Skinni

Slim, discreet and stylish, Oxygen Plus's O+ Skinni is the go-to portable oxygen solution for people with active, healthy lifestyles. Each O+ Skinni canned oxygen canister contains more than 50 deep breaths of pure recreational oxygen that restores your body’s oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels.

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O+ Skinni - 3-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 12-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 24-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 96-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Holiday Cheer Pack - 9-pack Bundle - Oxygen Plus
O+ Lovers Pack - 6-pack Bundle - Oxygen Plus

A breath of fresh O+ oxygen can help you combat feelings of tiredness, stress, mental fogginess and the effects of altitude or a late night out. O+ oxygen elevates your energy, increases your alertness and restores your get up and go. The active ingredient is pure recreational oxygen, delivered at nearly four times the concentration found in ambient air.