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GO+ Recreational Oxygen Purifier - Oxygen Plus

  • We've all been there...deadlines to meet, a crucial study-session, or an important meeting...and here comes that dreaded feeling of drowsiness. The reason? Could be a lack of oxygen. Don't let it be with the the GO+ Recreational Oxygen Purifier.

    The size of a laptop, sleek and lightweight, the GO+, powered by INBairO2, produces 2L of oxygen per minute - for 30 minutes at a time - and is designed for the ultimate breathing convenience in portable oxygen. 

    The world’s first designer oxygen purifier, comes with a connection hose that measures 1.5 feet in length. A longer connection hose - measuring  4.5 foot in length - is available right here, at the O+ Store.


    • NATURAL ENERGY – Late night, long days, poor air quality and high activity levels can lower your body’s normal, healthy oxygen levels. Oxygen Plus’s convenient GO+ portable, recreational air purifier—powered by INBairO2—is the world’s first designer version of its kind. Restore your body’s depleted oxygen levels to optimal levels in one daily 30-minute session for increased cognitive function, alertness, and energy.
    • ULTIMATE BREATHING CONVENIENCE – The quietest air purifying device on the market at just 36 dB, the GO+ is a modern, stylish and effective way to breathe easier when traveling, working at the office, or recovering at home. With the push of a button, purified air is delivered through an adjustable nozzle attached to a lightweight headset that rests on your neck. Functional and portable, the GO+ headset doesn’t interfere with using a phone or wearing phone headsets.
    • HOW TO USE – Simply put on the headset, breathe normally and notice how your brain fires up, ready for action. It delivers concentrated oxygen through a subtle headset while you carry on working so you can wave goodbye to coffee jitters and unplanned naps. Turn it on, then simply place the headset around your neck and position the mouthpiece a comfortable distance away. Start breathing and begin the flow of purified 40% oxygen. Breathe normally and either take a little rest, or carry on with your day. 
    • BREATHE EASY –Includes one Oxygen Plus GO+ portable, recreational air purifier – powered by INBairO2 – weighing 5.6 lbs and measuring 11" x 6.9" x 2.4" – plus one headset, one short connecting silicone hose, and one power supply cord. The GO+ unit has two replacement pieces, two air filters and a zeolite filter, which help to ensure the purity and percentage oxygen you're breathing.



    1. Place the headset around the neck and gently direct the flexible mouthpiece towards the mouth and nose.
    2. Connect one end of the silicone hose to the oxygen inlet on the headset.
    3. Remove the silicone cap from the oxygen outlet on the main body and store in a safe place.
    4. Connect the other end of the silicone hose to the oxygen outlet on the main body.
    5. Connect the power supply to the back of the product and plug into power socket.
    6. Begin the flow of oxygen by gently pressing the power button.
    7. After 30 minutes operation time the unit will automatically switch off. Unplug the power and replace the silicone outlet cap to prevent damage.


    MAINTENANCE: The GO+ Recreational Oxygen Purifier unit has two replacement pieces, an External (headset) Air Filter and Internal Air Filter, which help ensure the purity and percentage oxygen you're breathing. Swapping them out is easy. Based on an average usage of 30 minutes per day, the Internal Air Filter should last for 800 hours of use—around 5 years. Both should be replaced when heavily discolored or after around 100 hours of use. More information on these replacement filters can be found in the item's description or by contacting Oxygen Plus.

    RETURNS: Product returns will not be accepted by Oxygen Plus unless Oxygen Plus’ written authorization has been obtained in advance in the form of a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) number, and the items are received by Oxygen Plus in their original condition. The RMA number must be written on the outside of the shipping box. All return shipments are to be paid by the Customer. Customer is granted a 30-day risk free trial period from date of order; subject to other conditions contained herein. During this period, Customer may return Product for full credit equal to the invoice price, less a $99 processing fee. Credit is not eligible for Product returned after 30 days from invoice date. Accessories are not eligible for a return for credit unless purchased and returned along with Product in original box or packaging. This credit minus the processing fee will be paid once Oxygen Plus receives the Product back and the Product has been inspected to confirm all components are returned. If there are missing components, a partial credit may be given. This may take up to 10 business days after receipt of Product at Oxygen Plus' facilities.

    WARRANTY: Customers who purchase directly from the Oxygen Plus Store are offered a 30-day guarantee or refund period. There is a one year manufacturer’s guarantee, during which time we will provide replacement parts for repair and/or replacement on the GO+ unit.

    WARNING: The GO+ Recreational Oxygen Purifier, like other Oxygen Plus (O+) products, is intended for recreational, intermittent use only, and is not to be used as a medical nor life-saving product. Any person with any type of health or medical condition should consult their physician prior to the use of O+ products.  Excessive oxygen therapy can be harmful to the human body. The unit will automatically shut down after a usage time of 30 minutes to prevent accidental over-use.

  • Increased oxygen gives you the boost you need to tackle a busy life. When your brain is tired, productivity falls. Work harder and smarter with the help of 40% oxygen delivered through a sleek headset. No wasted time. No caffeine shakes. No more desk naps.

    Did you know? Patent pending, this unit was awarded the Good Design Award 2017 for its innovative design.

    PRECAUTION: This unit is not a medical oxygen concentrator and should not be purchased or used by anyone needing oxygen for medical conditions without prior doctor approval.

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