Oxygen Plus O+ | Elevate Refill Mega-Pack 12 Canisters

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O+ Elevate Refill Mega-Pack – O+ Elevate Pack & 12 O+ Refills

  • Elevate your everyday experience with this mega-oxygen starter kit from Oxygen Plus. The O+ Elevate Refill Mega-Pack, which includes an O+ Elevate Pack with one reusable O-Stick dispensing shell and two (2) O+ Refills, plus twelve (12) additional O+ Refills for a total of 14 recyclable recreational oxygen canisters, will help you go farther - anywhere, anytime you need a lift.
    • NATURALLY SUPPORT YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE – Wellness-minded people use the Oxygen Plus O+ Elevate Pack, a refillable oxygen dispenser with oxygen included, as an all-natural pick-me-up. Breathe O+ pure recreational oxygen to help restore depleted oxygen levels so that you can recharge and recover both physically and mentally—especially during your daily activities for stress relief such as yoga, pilates and other types of indoor exercise at home.

    • LIVE SUSTAINABLY – A sustainable, environmentally-considerate and portable oxygen dispensing unit, this starter kit contains a reusable O-Stick dispensing shell that is preloaded with an O+ Refill canister. Our canisters are 100% recyclable after use and side effect free when used as directed. O+ oxygen canisters contain no sugar, calories, flavors or other harmful additives.

    • HOW TO USE ­­­­­– With the sleek O-Stick oxygen dispenser in hand, press the easy-pull lever with your thumb and release the flow of oxygen while you inhale through your mouth or nose. 3 to 5 breaths usually does the trick. It just depends on what you’re up to. When used as directed, you can take as many breaths as you want. Swap out an empty canister for another O+ Refill canister once finished.

    • BREATHE EASY – Includes an O+ Elevate Pack with two O+ Refill canisters and the refillable O-Stick dispensing shell. Two 6-packs of O+ Refills are included as well for a total of 14 oxygen canisters. Each canister offers 50+ breaths (3.42L) of pure oxygen for multiple uses. American-based, Oxygen Plus offers the only portable oxygen canisters worldwide that are manufactured in clean room at an FDA-registered facility.

    • THE OXYGEN PLUS WAY – The pioneer of the industry, we were founded in 2003 to create natural, consumer-friendly, and effective oxygen products. We established the best practices and standards for our industry while at the forefront of promoting recreational oxygen to wellness-minded individuals worldwide. Part of the active person’s everyday life, Oxygen Plus is a dependable energy and recovery tool at work, home, and play – anytime you need a lift.


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