O+ Biggi - 36-pack - Oxygen Plus

  • O+ Biggi - 36-pack - Oxygen Plus
  • O+ Biggi - 36-pack - Oxygen Plus

O+ Biggi - 36-pack - Oxygen Plus


Up your oxygen game with this energy-infused 36-pack of Oxygen Plus's O+ Biggi. Each O+ Biggi oxygen canister is packed with 220 breaths of pure recreational oxygen, so you'll have ample breaths of energy and recovery from this large pack. The O+ Biggi is the perfect extra-large pick-me-up for sports and big adventures - take it with you on long-haul hikes, while you train for a marathon or when you're facing a stressful workweek. A few deep breaths from the O+ Biggi will help keep you alert, energized and ready to conquer the day. The O+ Biggi delivers oxygen through a designer mask. To use, simply place the mask to your mouth, squeeze the trigger and inhale.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Of course it is, we designed it with you in mind. Toss it in your gym bag or a hiking backpack for adjusting to altitude, performance and recovery in active individual and team sports like hockey, football and soccer.
  • SLOW RELEASE - Ergonomically-designed oxygen mask that delivers oxygen to your lungs at the perfect speed with the press of a trigger. Inhale 3 to 5 breaths — or as much as you need — for energy and recovery.
  • WE CARE - Our Oxygen Canisters are made in the USA and recyclable. The O+ Biggi is made from recyclable aluminum.
  • SIZE - Includes 36 canisters - Each Oxygen Plus O+ Biggi contains more than 220 breaths (11L) of pure recreational oxygen for natural energy and recovery.
  • ALL OCCASIONS - Portable oxygen is well known for use at high altitudes, but can be helpful for any daily task. Whether you are suffering from jet lag, working late, taking a long drive, working out or recovering from a late night out, always keep an Oxygen Plus oxygen canister close by.

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O+ Biggi - 36-pack - Oxygen Plus has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 31 reviews.