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Oxygen Plus Gives People a Refreshing Breath of Pure Oxygen

January 27, 2016 1 min read

    Oxygen Plus Gives People a Refreshing Breath of Pure Oxygen

    Oxygen is an element that people need everyday for the body to function during daily activities. In fact, it fuels the body, allowing it to produce energy from the food people eat. Millions may down energy drinks, a cup of coffee or food supplements as morning boosters but the best alternative–proven to increase energy–is actually a can of Oxygen Plus.

    Oxygen Plus contains 95% pure oxygen, sealed in a canister made from recyclable aluminum. The company behind this product was founded on 2006 by Christine Warren, a business consultant and psychotherapist, together with a group of geniuses who were the first to believe and proclaim that recreational canned oxygen could be the next big thing after bottled water.

    Geared for wellness-minded persons or those who want a breath of fresh air (oxygen), the portable canned oxygen comes in different sizes: the O+ Mini, O+ Skinni and O+ Elevate Pack. It is also available in unscented and scented flavors like Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit flavors.

    Oxygen Plus can be ordered online at It is also available in high-end spas, hotels, salons, grocery and recreation stores in US and abroad.

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