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How to Deal with Weather Changes When You First Move to Denver

January 25, 2019 1 min read

How to Deal with Weather Changes When You First Move to Denver

When you first move to Denver, you'll be mesmerized by the amazing benefits of living in the state's capital — things like a thriving food and art scene, the most jobs in the nation, relatively cheap apartment rent and a healthy lifestyle with access to the Rocky Mountains. There are so many fun things to do near me now, you'll likely think, eager to dive in to what the city has to offer. But if you moved from somewhere with an elevation that's less than a mile high, you might experience symptoms related to the high altitude, as well as the relatively dry climate.

Common symptoms locals experience from our dry climate and high altitude are chapped lips, dry skin, nosebleeds and dehydration. You will likely find you need to drink extra fluids, use a good moisturizer and invest in a humidifier. Although you are more likely to develop a severe case of altitude illness in Colorado's mountain towns, you could experience headaches, nausea, fatigue and decreased exercise tolerance during your first couple of weeks in Denver due to the altitude change. 

Some people like to visit oxygen bars or buy oxygen in a can for altitude sickness. Oxygen Plus's O+ Biggi, which has a mask, is ideal for adjusting to higher elevations. For a hiker or skier, or someone who wants something portable, the O+ Skinni is a big hit.

O+ Biggi by Oxygen PlusO+ Skinni by Oxygen Plus
Oxygen Plus’s O+ Skinni and O+ Biggi are portable recreational oxygen that are ideal for people traveling to or active at higher elevations such as Denver, Colorado.

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