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Gift Guide for the Gym Guy: Oxygen Plus Portable Canisters

Gift Guide for the Gym Guy: Oxygen Plus Portable Canisters


We have always taken the holistic approach to men’s lifestyle at Style.No.Chaser, and for our gift guides, we are continuing with this approach. We’ve done features in the past about battling the winter weight wars (see it here), and the items we are suggesting below are chosen to help you stay in lean fighting shape – even during the colder months of the year. So without further ado, check out the different products below:

Oxygen Plus Portable Canisters:

The bottom line is this; to operate at peak performance, you need have the energy to go the distance. The cells in a human body create the essential energy the body needs to function, and oxygen is vital to this biochemical process. The company Oxygen Plus offers a portable and effective product that contains 95% oxygen. It’s a boost of pure goodness that will help you get your pep back whether you are in the gym, slugging it out at the mall, on a mile-long outdoors run or battling the doldrums at the office.