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Anti-Aging: Get Gorgeous On-The-Go For A Beautiful Summer

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Anti-Aging: Get Gorgeous On-The-Go For A Beautiful Summer

Now, let’s get pro-gorgeous. Next time someone tells you to “breathe,” forego the eye roll and pull out you personal atomizer. Yes. Oxygen Plus allows you to breathe instant energy and production into your skin and body.

Dosed oxygen into the lungs digests food better in the stomach and intestines allowing nutrients to absorb into our bloodstream and bodily cells—and even helps to break down alcohol. It’s also great for post-exercise recovery or general fatigue.

The best part? You’ll look refreshed and smiley. Oxygen Plus comes in a home-based unit the size of a flashlight or in aerated canister packs and mini-travel sizes. I keep a six-pack in the pantry and one in my messenger bag for the afternoon.

Being an “airhead” has never looked (or felt) better.

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