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3 new products for your tennis or gym bag

3 new products for your tennis or gym bag

Need a lift? Oxygen+ offers quick hits of portable O2 which can increase alertness and energy by boosting the oxygen level in your bloodstream.

These lightweight (and recyclable) aluminum cans come in two sizes: the 4″ tall O+ Mini holds 24 breathes per can (use 3-5 breaths per time), $8 USD per can; and the 8″ tall O+ Skinni with 40+ breaths per can (so 8-12 occasions per can), $12 per can.

You can buy O+ in 3 packs or get the Elevate Pack which is a refillable delivery system. Easy to use and in three barely there “flavors,” peppermint, grapefruit and natural. Learn more, find a retailer or order at Oxygen Plus.

Vic Braden is an ambassador for the company which says good things about the product. Please see the precautions on the O+ site if you have impaired heart or lung function or any other medical condition.