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12 gifts for every type of stoner in your life

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12 gifts for every type of stoner in your life

Buying gifts for anyone is a difficult task, never mind navigating the massive and confusing world of cannabis culture. Marijuana consumption has gone from social taboo to normal in the last few years, flooding the marijuana market with useful and lifestyle products — a perfect problem for someone who loves to smoke, vape or eat their weed.

But no two stoners are alike, so we created a list of gifts for a variety of different potheads. And if all else fails, just buy them some weed — in states where it’s legal of course.


What is it? Recreational oxygen that’s supposed to make you feel better after a big hit.

Who’s it for? Stoners who cough a lot.

Price: $34.99 for 3 canisters.

Mashable.com by Brian Koerber



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