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Strategically Sustainable: Companies Going Green

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Strategically Sustainable: Companies Going Green

With high pollution levels, global climate changes, and biodiversity concerns, the need to “go green” has captured the attention of individuals and businesses worldwide, with health and wellness companies like Oxygen Plus (O+) promoting sustainability and cleaner air.

O+, the pioneers of portable recreational oxygen, encompasses all facets of “going green” while raising the bar, by providing enriched oxygen to wellness-minded individuals worldwide. Designed for active, sports and wellness-minded people, O+’s recreational oxygen products deliver 95% pure oxygen in a sleek, handheld, stylish canister, and help lower stress, sustain vitality, and heighten mental clarity and performance(1).

True to its founding vision, Oxygen Plus has built a lifestyle brand on the belief that individuals worldwide deserve to breathe fresh, clean air. “As we approach Earth Day, we are pleased to do our part in fulfilling our company’s vision to make a significant contribution to the well-being of humankind, in how we’ve designed and manufactured our portable oxygen products,” said Christine Warren, Founder and President of Oxygen Plus, who developed the products to both de-stigmatize oxygen and to help make the world a healthier place to live and breathe. “In addition to manufacturing our canisters with recyclable aluminum that is 100% recyclable after use, our belief in helping our world is reflected in our commitment to minimize our global footprint by sourcing materials regionally, and by filling and assembling our products here in the U.S. Moreover, our flagship product, the O+ Elevate Pack, has become a highly-sought after “green product” because, in addition to working with recyclable refill canisters, the design concept is rooted in sustainably through a reusable, refillable shell.”

Recreational oxygen products are taking on a new role on Earth Day. Though the air in our atmosphere is approximately 21% oxygen, which is a sufficient level for most people in most conditions, air pollution can compromise outdoor and indoor air quality, causing an otherwise healthy individual to feel the negative effects associated with inhaling less than ideal air. Oxygen Plus aids in relieving the negative effects of breathing compromised air by lessening one’s exposure to pollutants – in essence, giving an individual a literal “breath of fresh air” by restoring depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels. Stress, travel, higher elevation, intense exercise, and late nights also contribute to the sluggish feelings associated with deficient oxygen levels.

Meeting the need to help diminish the effects of poor air quality for people living in, or traveling to, places with high levels of pollution, Oxygen Plus is bringing its life-enriching products to heavily polluted cities like China, as well as cities in the U.S., including Los Angeles and New York City, that are impacted by smog and other environmental pollutants. (Learn what the air quality index (AQI) is in your area by visiting www.airnow.gov.)

In addition to offering the environmentally-thoughtful O+ Elevate Pack, which includes the reusable O-Stick and two starter refills, Oxygen Plus offers – in Natural (unscented), Peppermint, and Pink Grapefruit aromas – the compact O+ Mini, providing 24+ breaths of pure oxygen, and the taller O+ Skinni, which offers more than 50 breaths of pure oxygen. Each portable, lightweight O+ canister provides energy and recovery at the times you need it most.

Elevate your IQ: www.oxygenplus.com.

(1)Moss, MC, Scholey, AB, Wesnes, K, “Oxygen administration selectively enhances cognitive performance in healthy young adults: A placebo-controlled double-blind crossover study,” Journal of Psychopharmacology, 1998 Dec;138:27-33.

USAGE NOTE: Oxygen Plus products are a healthy, effective portable oxygen solution for anyone who needs energy restoration. WARNING: Any person with impaired heart or lung function or other medical conditions should consult with his or her physician prior to using O+ products. O+ products are intended for recreational, intermittent use only, not to be used as medical or life-saving device.

PR Newswire – April 2016