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Oxygen Plus Grocery Store Growth Indicates Recreational Oxygen 'Works For More Than Just Altitude'

Oxygen Plus Grocery Store Growth Indicates Recreational Oxygen 'Works For More Than Just Altitude'

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, October 30, 2019 – Well known for providing relief from the effects of jet lag and higher elevation, Oxygen Plus (O+) has offered its portable, lightweight canisters of pure recreational oxygen to wellness-minded travelers and outdoor enthusiasts since its inception in 2003. In its ability to quickly restore depleted oxygen levels to optimal levels – on-demand, with the push of a button – the sports oxygen cans supply a portable, effectual oxygen boost for the frequent traveler, avid hiker, skier and mountain biker.

Oxygen Plus's best-selling products – the O+ Mini, O+ Skinni and O+ Biggi – are increasingly available in grocery stores and specialty retailers nationwide catering to active, wellness-minded individuals.

Now, grocery retailers in some of the biggest party cities and most prominent beach towns are introducing Oxygen Plus as the new, smart wellness tool for an enhanced fitness and party experience. Consumers from Miami to Los Angeles are breathing Oxygen Plus day and night to improve athletic performance and ease the effects associated with drinking too much alcohol. The market growth aligns with the messaging in the company’s current advertising campaign: “O+ works for more than just altitude.”

Specialty grocer Roxy’s Market & Café was one of the first multi-state retailers to recognize the consumer demand and sea level benefits met by Oxygen Plus. The brand’s champion products – the O+ Mini, O+ Skinni, and O+ Biggi – have been elevating active individuals living at and visiting higher elevation at Roxy’s Big Sky location for five years. With repeat purchases that helped establish Oxygen Plus as a lifestyle product, Roxy’s expanded availability to Santa Barbara County at Roxy’s Montecito, a destination known locally for its fresh produce, fine wines and spirits, and now, portable oxygen.

“I’ve found that the product is particularly helpful to fitness-minded consumers and athletes, as well as tourists traveling to Big Sky from destinations all over the world, who are seeking to get acclimated to our elevation,” said Josh Treasure, General Manager at Roxy’s Big Sky. “Oxygen Plus is a great company to be involved with. They provide a great product.”

Oxygen Plus canned oxygen provides an all-natural, science-backed solution for those seeking a natural energy boost. Olympic athletes and football players have supplemented with oxygen for years because they understand the importance of maintaining optimal oxygen levels for enhanced endurance, speed and recovery (Wilbur). For the partier, research shows breathing pure oxygen, such as Oxygen Plus, helps disperse the lingering effects of alcohol in the body for a more speedy recovery, replenish oxygen levels to optimal levels for peak brain performance (Moss), and improve oxygen absorption for optimal functionality of the body (Sheahan). Similar to popular oxygen bars and IV wellness clinics, Oxygen Plus oxygen canisters offer athletes and partygoers an effective, yet more convenient, way to boost oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels – so they can think, feel and perform their best.

“Through our retail venture with Roxy’s Market & Café, Oxygen Plus is increasingly accessible to consumers in the Big Sky and Montecito communities who are seeking an all-natural energy and recovery solution,” said Christine Warren, President and Founder of Oxygen Plus. “We’re part of the $45 billion U.S. natural food and beverage product category (Strailey), with demand and sales stemming not just from the mountain tops – but from roof tops, as well.”

For more information about Oxygen Plus or to purchase, please visit Roxy’s Big Sky, Roxy’s Montecito or oxygenplus.com.




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