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Oxygen Plus A Game-Changer For NFL Players

Oxygen Plus A Game-Changer For NFL Players

Oxygen Plus, the Minnesota-based Pioneer and World’s Leader of Recreational Oxygen, Provides Atlanta Falcons Players Oxygen To Improve Performance and Recovery For Training and Game Day

Atlanta Falcons NFL players Ricardo Allen (safety) and Kemal Ishmael (outside linebacker), who helped turn the franchise into NFL elite, rely on Oxygen Plus for energy and recovery – both while training and on game days.

Ricardo Allen, right, and Kemal Ishmael, left, of the Atlanta Falcons use their portable Oxygen Plus “O+ Biggi” as they gear up for the 2018/2019 NFL season.

Oxygen Plus’ handheld canister, with an easy-to-use mask/trigger oxygen dispenser, makes it the perfect off-the-bench oxygen boost for athletes – both in and beyond the NFL. Both players expressed their enthusiasm for Oxygen Plus on their social media accounts recently: Ishmael said, “all gas no breaks” and Allen stated, Oxygen Plus “gives me a boost of energy and helps me recover faster.”

For professional NFL athletes like Allen and Ishmael, both 26, taking care of their bodies in order to maintain peak physical performance is crucial for training and competition. The intense performance of athletes increases the body’s demand for oxygen. Breathing and heart rates increase to supply that demand. Muscles that do not receive enough oxygen convert glucose into lactic acid instead of energy, causing muscle fatigue. Athletes want to avoid an oxygen shortage because lack of oxygen interferes with the body’s optimal energy creation process.

A recent study found that endurance athletes who were administered oxygen at 99.5%, and had a 90-second recovery period, received an increased SpO2* recovery time1. The same study showed inhaling an increased form of oxygen during exercise can reduce inflammatory responses post exercise.

This sports-science relationship is why athletes are discovering that supplementing with pure oxygen, like Oxygen Plus, is a game-changer that helps

Knowing what it takes to get to The Big Game, Oxygen Plus and the Falcons stars are excited to expand their partnership during the off season.


* SpO2 is an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood.

1 White, J., Dawson, B., Landers, G., Croft, K., & Peeling, P. (2013). Effect of supplemental oxygen on post-exercise inflammatory response and oxidative stress. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 113(4), 1059-1067.