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Major U.S. Cities are Catching Wind of Oxygen Plus

Major U.S. Cities are Catching Wind of Oxygen Plus

PR Newswire – July 2016

From the Big Apple to The Golden State, a growing number of wellness-minded individuals are inhaling Oxygen Plus (O+) for an extra dose of energy, mental clarity and beautifying benefits. The stylish, sleek O+ canisters provide 95% pure oxygen that is revitalizing wellness centers, spas, hotels and retailers across the country. As U.S. consumers embrace multiple mind and body benefits of Oxygen Plus, the demand for this portable, wellness product is surging worldwide.

Providing pure, soothing breaths of enriched oxygen, O+ is enhancing the everyday experience of those who seek moments of calm in the midst of the stressors of daily life. Having caught wind of the trend, The DEN Meditation in Los Angeles, CA is introducing the concept of breathing O+ oxygen to the leaders of the meditation community. Amanda Simmons, COO of The DEN Meditation, reports that O+ has helped its customers reach deeper receptive space for an enriched meditation experience.

Inhaling a few deep breaths of O+ can also provide a spa-like experience, helping to decrease stress levels, while delivering oxygen to the body to increase circulation and deliver nutrients to the skin. Guests staying at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas can unwind in their private Mediterranean-style poolside cabanas when they take part in the hotel’s one-of-a-kind “Spaah-ify” program. The package pampers guests with a refreshing canister of Oxygen Plus, a chair massage and aromatherapy mister. When the treatment is over, the compact, pocket-friendly canisters can extend the day’s relaxation and rejuvenation at the poker table, or in the morning after a late night on the Strip.

“The increased use and recognition of O+ across the hospitality and growing wellness channels is something we’re continually pleased to see,” said Christine Warren, Founder and President of Oxygen Plus. “The trends continue to point to health and wellness, and new establishments sharing the benefits of O+ with more and more consumers – worldwide – is fulfilling Oxygen Plus’s founding vision: To make a significant contribution to the well-being of humankind.”

The West isn’t the only region of the country that’s breathing easier with Oxygen Plus: Zitomer Pharmacy and Department Store in New York City recently added the supplemental oxygen line to their shelves, and it’s one of its most popular products. The reputable, upscale pharmacy prides itself on introducing emerging, trendy items across the board. Shoppers come to Zitomer scouting the most innovative everyday items, making Oxygen Plus an ideal pick-me-up for active, busy New Yorkers.

Oxygen Plus’s product line features the popular O+ Skinni and the refillable O+ Elevate Pack, which comes with a reusable O-Stick shell and two starter refills. Each O+ Skinni and refill canister offer 50+ breaths, or 8 to 12 uses, of pure oxygen for natural energy and recovery.