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  • Style & Wellness Trends at Coachella - Designer Face Masks & OxygenPDF Version

    Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber


    Tons of celebs flocked to Coachella this past weekend while rocking the trendiest, festival-worthy looks. But, there's a unique accessory in particular, that was seen on multiple A-listers - from Kendall Jenner, to Justin Bieber and Jordyn Woods - the designer face mask. 

    Celebs wore them to guard themselves against sand, dust, smoke and other elements (and because it looks kind of cool).

    Jordyn Woods                  

    Thankfully, festival goers who couldn't get their hands on a designer face mask had portable oxygen canisters as an alternative. In partnership with Coachella, Oxygen Plus (O+) provided pure, breathable oxygen to attendees who were feeling the effects of poor air quality, dehydration, overexertion from intense partying and other symptoms. Each canister features an attached mask that allows users to easily breathe oxygen through the nose or mouth.



    MINNEAPOLIS, April 9, 2019 -- On April 12th - April 14th, an estimated 150,000 festival goers will journey to California's Colorado Desert to experience live performances from today's biggest acts at the 2019 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. In the midst of massive crowds, record high temperatures, day drinking and non-stop partying, attendees may experience a long list of health concerns – from extreme fatigue to dehydration. Coachella will debut a new, portable way to restore and replenish the body, with an all-natural resource that has been hailed for its beneficial properties – oxygen. With the help of pioneering wellness company, Oxygen Plus (O+), this year's festival will offer pure, breathable oxygen to keep attendees at optimal oxygen levels.

    Offering an alternative to energy drinks and supplements, Oxygen Plus will provide its signature O+ Biggi canister, containing pure recreational oxygen for "ALL DAY ENERGY" ®. Each lightweight canister features a mask that allows users to easily inhale oxygen through the nose or mouth. A science-backed solution to the effects of poor air quality, physical fatigue, mental fog and alcohol, O+ will offer bottled oxygen at 10 locations: near the festival's main stage and at various recovery areas. O+ canisters will be available for purchase at both Coachella events (April 12-14 and April 19-21). Concert goers can also locate and tag Oxygen Plus on Instagram with #BiggiHit.

    "We take pride in being the first company ever to offer oxygen's restorative benefits to festival goers at Coachella, with the help of our champion product, the O+ Biggi," said Christine Warren, Founder and President of Oxygen Plus. "We'll provide attendees with a unique and all-natural wellness boost for an improved party experience."

    In addition to the O+ Biggi canister, Oxygen Plus offers a variety of environmentally-friendly products including its O+ Mini, O+ Skinni, and O+ Elevate Pack. Each O+ product can be purchased at select retailers and at oxygenplus.com. In line with Coachella, during the month of April buyers can receive 20 percent off their entire order online by using code COACHELLA19 at checkout. For more information, please visit our Oxygen Plus website, our Facebook page at Oxygen Plus, or our Instagram page at @oxygen_plus.







  • These Natural Products Will Protect Your Body From The Cold, Dry And Super Harsh Winter

    These Natural Products Will Protect Your Body From The Cold, Dry And Super Harsh WinterPDF Version

    Alena Hall 01/06/2018

    Try Oxygen Plus. The frigid air can be so painful to breathe — especially when we’re committed to keeping our outdoor running or long-trail hiking routines intact. But this recreation oxygen helps you recover from your weakened state incredibly quickly and provides a nice energy boost at the same time. Just take a couple deep breaths of pure oxygen and feel your body bounce back from the elements in no time. (Bonus: it’s extremely helpful after too many hot toddies, too.)»

  • Holiday Product Guide: Products to help you and your loved ones get through the season with fun and safety.

    Holiday Product Guide: Products to help you and your loved ones get through the season with fun and safety.PDF Version

    Discover Life – October 31, 2017

    The O+ Biggi from Oxygen Plus contains more than 180 breaths of pure recreational oxygen for natural energy and recovery in an aluminum canister that weighs just 0.3 pounds. Just as water helps with hydration, Oxygen Plus says the O+ Biggi helps to restore the body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels. The O+ Biggi is 100% recyclable after use and is made from recycled aluminum.»

  • Healthy and Safe Running: A Detailed Guide

    Healthy and Safe Running: A Detailed GuidePDF Version

    Diet Spotlight, by Summer Banks - October 25, 2017

    Running is probably the easiest form of exercise for beginners to get into. Some of the benefits of running include burning calories, building stamina and endurance and even improve overall health.»

    The history of competitive running dates back to the Tailteann Games; held in Ireland in 1829 BCE. The first Olympic Games including running was more than 1,000 years later in 776 BCE.

    Under most conditions, people have the ability to run. You don’t need to be rich to enjoy the benefits of running, you just have to get outside and take the first step. Before you can understand the health benefits of running, you first need to know how to start running.

    “Your body is a machine, and your diet is its fuel. When you train for a marathon, you quickly notice that your fuel will run out, causing your body – your machine – to feel the impact. As a marathon runner, it is imperative to infuse your body with the vital nutrients, minerals and supplementation (i.e., recreational oxygen) it needs to thrive and cross the finish line.” states Lauren Carlstrom, COO of Oxygen Plus.

  • Oxygen Plus | Product Spotlight

    Oxygen Plus | Product SpotlightPDF Version

    Mountain Matron

    Each Oxygen Plus canister contains 95% enriched oxygen promoting the ability to sustain energy, decrease stress, and improve mental clarity with a highly convenient, portable delivery. Oxygen Plus offered 6 outdoor lifestyle influencers the opportunity to field-test the O+ Skinni. The field test arena would take place in the High Uintas Wilderness of Utah, which sits above 9,000ft elevation. Most of the group joining the journey into Utah, were flatlanders, and having had a handful of opportunities to try pure oxygen, I was genuinely interested in taking it along.»

    My entire travel plans consisted of arriving into Salt Lake City, Utah (sits at 4,000ft) from Phoenix, Arizona (sits at 1,086ft). The first evening was spent in Park City (sits at 7,000ft). The next morning once arriving to 10,000ft., to travel the wilderness holding the most contiguous above tree-line terrain than any other in the lower 48 states, we quickly grabbed our backpacks and hit the trail. Starting the trip we were hiking at 10,000ft elevation, and the route planned would keep us on that course all weekend.

    It was unfortunate for me that upon the first day in the wilderness, only 4.5 hours into the weekend, my body starting showing serious signs of altitude illness rendering shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, and early setting fatigue. My symptoms were dramatic enough to change the day’s destination and shortened my route by half. Upon initial unexpected symptoms and in fear of no relief I tried the O+ Skinni I had packed. Pure Oxygen is safe, and has proven to subside many health ailments. Scientific evidence supports this, but the thing notice about the body, is you don’t necessarily realize “feeling good” in the event it’s expected, but you can easily highlight when you’ve felt horrible, because it’s entirely unexpected and causes havoc to your routine.

    The experience with O+ Skinni was the same. After taking the initial suggested breaths from the O+ Skinni portable canister of oxygen while feeling the terrible effects of altitude sickness I didn’t outwardly show signs of extreme relief, and I didn’t gather super hero abilities to climb further, but what I did experience was the easing of the fearful inability to catch my breath, with a detectable combated relief allowing for a comfortable three-night stay above 10,000ft. With the difficult, unexpected early reactions my body took to the elevation that was an appreciated benefit while additionally allowing me to keep my travel plans intact. Lengthening the experience of altitude lent by the Uintas Mountains of Utah without the worry for my health meant a lot.

    I used the O+ Skinni shortly after my initial testing and several times through the weekend. Each time the effectiveness was easeful and went nearly undetected while the relief was absolutely noticed and significantly assessed. I initially thought I would use the O+ for sleep relief in the Uintas Mountains, having heard it helps, but I was rather grateful to have it when altitude sickness struck, and further enjoyed the peppermint taste when I was near ready to vomit. I do plan to continue to carry it for high altitude adventures.

    Note: Tester does have a background in anatomy and physiology, preserving their understanding in the value of chemical reactions of the human body. For that reason I initially agreed to test Oxygen Plus, and after having had the experience of being forced into the need of respiratory relief it has confirmed those initial beliefs.
    The O+ Mini and the O+ Skinni size options are perfect for outdoor adventurers offering about 50 breaths per canister. Oxygen Plus produces the only refillable portable recreational oxygen delivery system in the world, boasting the most amount of breaths per can. Quality controlled and filled in the United States.

    *Thank you to Oxygen Plus for allowing us to field test your product free of charge. We value your enthusiasm to introduce the Oxygen Plus Portable Oxygen Canister with an honest and free-spoken review.*

  • Canned Oxygen, The New Way To Yoga High?

    Canned Oxygen, The New Way To Yoga High?PDF Version

    Yoga Dork

    We’ve heard of canned laughter, but canned air? It’s a gas! Har. It may sound hilarious at first, but apparently it’s not a joke. A new product is being marketed to the yoga lot and it’s literally canned oxygen.»

    When we first heard about it we couldn’t help imagining a world where we go around sipping air from a can like it’s normal, and dating ourselves with this reference from one of our favorite movies:

    Nevertheless, this is not a farce! Oxygen Plus (O+) makes real life canned oxygen. They’re called recreational oxygen supplements, which makes it sound both a little healthy and a touch dangerous, like you’re doing something good for you that’s also a little risky — “she was busted for recreational oxygen use.” A new way to get that yoga high. It’s so hip, they actually refer to the doses as hits, and they come in flavors. Like vaping, for the yoga set. You can start with the regular old oxygen or go straight to the O-puff with cannabis leaf. Seriously. (This is all legal by the way, so far as we know.)

    Hangover recovery seems to be the main selling point, but we suppose the yoga angle works, too.

    According to the Oxygen Plus (O+) website, their canned air will help enhance your yoga practice — taking Ujjayi breathing “to new heights” — and increase breath awareness:

    The healthy ritual of picking up a canister and inhaling the oxygen before, or periodically throughout, the practice, has become a gracious, symbolic gesture that reminds a yogi that most of the benefits of yoga is from, and about, the breath.

    We spend a lot of time focused on the breath in yoga. In fact, it often becomes the most important element of the practice, above any fancy poses or vinyasa-ing, acting as the bridge between the body and the mind, so maybe this is the airwave of the future. Or maybe pretty soon we won’t have to do any yoga at all because portable oxygen and stretching devices will create all the benefits for us! Kidding. We think.

    You can get your recreational oxygen starter kit for $39.99, and looks of wtf for free.

    Now take a nice deep breath.

  • Oxygen Plus x A Breath Of Fresh Air 2

    Oxygen Plus x A Breath Of Fresh Air 2PDF Version

    The LA Fashion Magazine by Jamie Solorio

    So, I got this really cool bottle of Oxygen Plus (O+) and couldn’t wait to try it. Right out of the box I noticed the color scheme and design reminded me of Palm Springs and Jonathan Adler, which of course made me like it even more.»

    Another great benefit of O+, is that it just feels good in my hand. I took it to the pool on a 100+ day and gave it a go. After a quick swim, I took a little break and decided to try 5 breaths of O+ Skinni and I immediately felt refreshed. Instantly, I felt like I could take a deeper breath. I felt more focused and relaxed, and after about 5 mins I felt energized. Added bonus: oxygenating makes your skin more youthful looking. This is the perfect alternative to the energy drinks I regularly consume. I would much rather put something natural in my body. It’s easy to carry and is the perfect accessory for a day of poolside glamour. Goodbye Red Bull, O+ is my new go-to!

    *Disclaimer: canister can only reach 125 degrees F…don’t leave it in your car on a hot summer day.

  • Lo nuevo en belleza: Oxygen Plus (O+)

    Lo nuevo en belleza: Oxygen Plus (O+)PDF Version

    El Diario Nueva York

    Algunos de nuestros productos favoritos: Oxygen Plus (O+)»

    Si te preocupas por tu salud, eres fanática de las tendencias o simplemente te encanta probar cosas nuevas, agrega Oxygen Plus (O+) a tu lista. Su ingrediente principal es 95% oxígeno puro enriquecido, que es casi cuatro veces la concentración de oxígeno que encuentran en el aire no contaminado que respiramos. Sus fabricantes aseguran que sólo unas pocas respiraciones profundas del producto -a través de la boca o la nariz- te revitalizan, aumentan tu energía y claridad mental, y mitigan los efectos del ejercicio vigoroso, los viajes, la altitud, la mala calidad del aire, y hasta de una noche de fiesta. (Diferentes precios, de acuerdo a la presentación, disponible en www.oxygenplus.com)

    English translation:

    New in beauty

    Some of our favorite things: Oxygen Plus (O+)

    If you care about your health, you’re fanatical about trends or you just love to try new things, add Oxygen Plus (O +) to your list. Its main ingredient is 95% pure enriched oxygen, which is more than four times the concentration of oxygen found in the unpolluted air we breathe. It’s manufacturers claim that only a few deep breaths of the product – through the mouth or nose – revitalizes, increases your energy and mental clarity, and mitigates the effects of vigorous exercise, travel, altitude, poor air quality and even a night out. (Prices vary, according to the presentation, available at www.oxygenplus.com)

  • Oxygen Plus x A Breath Of Fresh Air

    Oxygen Plus x A Breath Of Fresh AirPDF Version

    The LA Fashion Magazine by Lowell Taylor

    A couple weeks ago Oxygen Plus, Inc. sent us samples of their revitalizing oxygen products to test out and boy did we ever! Knowing that we would be traveling with an incredibly busy schedule and in a city at high altitude this was the perfect opportunity to see if Oxygen Plus could deliver.»

    We tested the following products:

    • Peppermint O+ Mini (approximately 20+ breaths of 95% Oxygen-Enriched Air)
    • Pink Grapefruit O+ Mini (approximately 20+ breaths of 95% Oxygen-Enriched Air)
    • O+ Skinni Natural (approximately 50+ breaths of 95% Oxygen-Enriched Air)

    Our product review focuses primarily on the O+ Skinni Natural 95% Oxygen-Enriched product, but we will also speak about the two flavored mini samples as well. So, first things first, let’s set the scenario in which the products would be tested:

    1. After approximately 7.5 hours of flying

    2. During a week of long strenuous days on our feet and walking in a city at an elevation of approximately 5k feet

    3. While hiking in the mountains at approximately 6k feet

    4. And lastly, at the end of each day before singing in the shower (you read that correctly. This writer has utterly no self-control when it comes to the call of the shower sirens.)

    Upon trying O+ for the first time, I came to the realization of two things very quickly – the first being that I apparently over-exaggerated when I inhaled during my initial attempts and ended up light-headed. Once I figured out that I could breath normally (with slightly deeper breaths), things went much better.

    The second thing I noticed was that the effects of O+ are more subtle than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely did what it was supposed to do, but I was expecting something akin to a caffeine buzz. Instead I just wasn’t as tired as I would have normally been and had enough breath and energy to sing my heart out in the shower each night.

    The O+ canisters are convenient for travel and can easily fit in a backpack/purse if you are on the go during your regular daily routine.

    Although we liked the O+ Natural product, I have to admit that I preferred the flavored versions – somehow it just made the experience more gratifying. If there were anything for me to gripe about, it would be canister delivery system. It seems like a device reminiscent of an inhaler would have made the experience easier and more efficient than the current canister design.

    Otherwise, O+ oxygen-enriched air was a novel enjoyable experience. At approximately $10 per canister and $40 for a starter kit (on the low end), the effects aren’t drastic enough to warrant purchasing a continuous supply.

    However, for special situations like long trips or late nights out clubbing Oxygen Plus could be a great pick-me-up to get you back to normal.

    Find more information about O+ products HERE.

  • Oxygen Plus (O+) Can Make Traveling Easier

    Oxygen Plus (O+) Can Make Traveling EasierPDF Version

    Luxury Travel Magazine

    Traveling can be tough. Getting from point A to point B might seem easy on paper, especially when you finally find that flight that gets you there the quickest – but the reality can be much more distressing.»

    Airplane woes can range from dehydration to ear pain to swelling. Flying can also do a number on your oxygen intake. The pressurized air inside the cabin contains lower-than-normal levels of oxygen and has been known to lead to minor oxygen deprivation, which can result in immediate nausea and travel sickness – especially when combined with the motion.

    Research has shown that a quick and easy increase of oxygen intake can help you to revitalize and restore your body in an all-natural way, preventing further sickness and vomiting.

    Rejuvenate the body with Oxygen Plus (O+), a line of portable, supplemental oxygen. With just a push of a nozzle, users are able to inhale 50 or more breaths of 95% pure oxygen, which is proven to help with:

    • Offsetting dizziness, fatigue and headaches
    • Increasing energy levels by providing a natural alternative to caffeine
    • Clearing mental fog and improving cognitive performance

    The line, which features light-weight canisters of concentrated oxygen, is available in natural, peppermint and pink grapefruit flavors, and in the O+ Mini or O+ Skinni canister.

    Visit website: http://www.oxygenplus.com/

  • Oxygen Plus: The New, Natural Energy Enhancer

    Oxygen Plus: The New, Natural Energy EnhancerPDF Version

    Motherhood Later

    O+ is a line of recreational, portable oxygen products that deliver 95% pure oxygen in sleek, lightweight, travel-sized canisters. The product info explains that taking 3-5 deep breaths of O+ helps boost energy levels, and muscles recover faster from fatigue. It also aids in increasing physical stamina and more. O+ products are available in three different flavors (Natural, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit) and are assembled, quality-controlled, and filled in the USA. Retails $32.49 (for a pack of 3).»

    I had the opportunity to sample the Natural and Peppermint flavors. My 13 year old son tried them as well. We loved the scent of the Peppermint. For us, it was hard to tell the immediate effectiveness, but I love the concept, and will try it further.

    These are great for hikes, workouts and active travel when you need an extra boost, especially if you’re visiting or live at a higher altitude. I’m gonna be sure to pack these for an upcoming trip.

  • Oxygen Plus, el bienestar de lo más puro

    Oxygen Plus, el bienestar de lo más puroPDF Version

    Hedonistas.com by Patricia de Larrazabal

    El oxígeno recreativo, popular en EE. UU. y Japón, empieza a cruzar fronteras. ¿Sus beneficios? Mayor rendimiento cognitivo, mayor energía, reducción del estrés y mayor claridad mental entre otros. Oxygen Plus es una de las marcas que lo comercializan.»

    Hasta hace unos años, la oxigenoterapia se circunscribía exclusivamente al ámbito sanitario. Cuando hablábamos de ella, hablábamos de una medida terapéutica encaminada a tratar o prevenir los síntomas y las manifestaciones de la hipoxia, el déficit de oxígeno en sangre, células o tejidos del organismo, que consistía en la administración de altas concentraciones de este gas. Pero el tratamiento otrora farmacológico ha pasado a ser también en los últimos tiempos una práctica estética y una forma de mantener la vitalidad y recibir dosis extra de energía.

    Si gran parte de la energía de nuestro cuerpo proviene del oxígeno y nuestra buena salud depende en gran medida de una buena concentración del elemento en nuestro cuerpo, ¿por qué no darle aportes extra, más si cabe si vivimos en un ambiente donde el aire no es el más puro posible? Esa es la idea que subyace en el denominado oxígeno recreativo y productos como los de Oxygen Plus, también conocidos como O+.

    Para hacer ejercicio, para trabajar, para hacer un viaje, para pasar el día haciendo senderismo, para recuperarnos de una jornada agotadora o simplemente porque nos place, esta compañía estadounidense con casi una década de historia nos invita a llevar siempre con nosotros latas cilíndricas con concentraciones de oxígeno puro del 95%. ¿Cuándo es eso? Cuatro veces más cantidad que la que se encuentra en el aire de una gran ciudad.

    Estos formatos compactos de O+, pensados para poder ser llevados en el bolso o el bolsillo de la chaqueta sin molestar, junto con otros más grandes destinados al hogar, aseguran una mejora del rendimiento cognitivo, una mayor memoria, más energía, reducción del estrés, mayor claridad mental y mejora en el estado de alerta. A todas las personas nos les afecta del mismo modo, pero los beneficios independientemente del grado son transversales y notables.
    Oxygen Plus y otras soluciones que se han hecho ampliamente populares en Estados Unidos y Japón en la última década, son ya un suplemento diario en la dieta, aunque no podamos decir que el oxígeno sea un alimento como tal, de muchas personas. Los beneficios, dicen, se notan y mucho. ¿Probamos?

    English Translation:

    Oxygen Plus, the purest form of well-being

    Recreational oxygen is popular in the U.S. and Japan, and it’s beginning to cross borders. Its benefits? Better cognitive performance, increased energy, stress reduction and mental clarity are among the list. Oxygen Plus is one of the brands in this market.

    Until a few years ago, oxygen therapy was limited exclusively to the medical field. When we talked about oxygen, we talked about a therapeutic way to treat or prevent symptoms and manifestations of hypoxia, a condition in which there’s a deficiency in the amount of oxygen in one’s blood reaching one’s tissues, cells, etc. Though once a medical treatment, in recent years, oxygen has become an aesthetic practice and a way to maintain vitality and receive an extra dose of energy.

    If the majority of the energy in our body comes from oxygen, and our good health depends heavily on a good concentration of the element in our body, why not give yourself an extra boost, especially if you live in an environment where the air quality is not as pure as possible? That’s the idea behind recreational oxygen products such Oxygen Plus, also known as O+.

    For exercise, work, travel, a day of hiking, to help recover from a tiring day or simply for enjoyment, this American company with nearly a decade of history, invites us to always carry a canister that’s concentrated with 95% pure oxygen. How much is that? Four times the amount than what is found in everyday city air.

    The smaller sized O+ canisters, designed to be carried in your bag or jacket pocket without a fuss, along with the larger canisters for home use, offer improved cognitive performance, better memory, more energy, reduced stress, and enhanced mental clarity and alertness.
    Not everyone may feel the effects in the same way, but the benefits are indeed notable.

    Oxygen Plus and other solutions that have become widely popular in the United States and Japan within the past decade are now a daily dietary supplement. Although we cannot say that oxygen is a nutriment, many people notice great benefits. Shall we try it?

  • Oxygen Plus canned oxygen

    Oxygen Plus canned oxygenPDF Version

    Explore Big Sky by Tyler Allen

    Big Sky Resort’s Mountain Mall hosted an oxygen bar in the old C&P Grocery store until C&P moved after the 2012-2013 ski season. Visitors hoping to combat the effects of altitude or exertion could hook a tube in their nose and enjoy the benefits of concentrated oxygen.»

    While the oxygen bar is a thing of the past, a company called Oxygen Plus offers portable supplemental oxygen in two sizes: the O+ Skinni and O+ Mini. Containing 95 percent oxygen-enriched air, the Skinni holds more than 50 breaths and the Mini will give you at least 20.

    Whether you’re flying to Montana from sea level to enjoy Big Sky Resort’s plethora of new mountain biking trails, or logging tram laps during the winter; looking for an extra boost at the office after your morning coffee wears off; or recovering from a night of Johnny Manziel-type partying, three to five inhalations of the aerosol-like canister will turn your day around.

    If you do live in the mountains full time, consider throwing an O+ Mini can in your pack for the next monster bike ride. While your buddies are heaving after 2,000 feet of vertical, a few blasts of oxygen will give them the impression you spent all offseason in training. oxygenplus.com

  • OXYGEN PLUS aka O+ is the boost you just might need

    OXYGEN PLUS aka O+ is the boost you just might needPDF Version


    So when you’re out bathing in the sun on a run, playing a sport or at a music festival, you can get depleted. We were introduced to a product that claims get you back with a couple of inhales. The product at hand is OXYGEN PLUS, or also known as O+ and we were able to test drive samples. They said with a few deep breathes we should be able to get a boost of energy to keep the party going. They also said it also helps to recover from a late night out, so you can enjoy a few drinks without the negative effects. So, myself and Daniel Antonio our Managing Editor tested them for a week of our active lifestyle needs, like my Coachella Music Festival adventures and his consistent trail runs and we both came to different conclusions.»

    He used it mid way on his runs and it was just a slight boost but not what he was expecting in terms of recovery but I took it after a wild Day 1 of the festival and it was great. So after at least 3 uses we came to the realization that O+ is a good product but best for recovery within lifestyle and not sports. Now these results can vary from person to person, but we would like to endorse it for the relief of symptoms associated with lifestyle and not sport.

    So party on and get this product in your life and keep it at your workspace to help recover gain a bit of boost. It contains 95% pure oxygen in travel size canisters and are available in three flavors (Natural, Peppermint, Pink Grapefruit). Now go HERE and try it for yourself! Why not, it might be just what you always needed.

    -JD & DA

  • Oxygen Plus (O+)

    Oxygen Plus (O+)PDF Version


    I know I could benefit from an extra boost of energy during my afternoon slump. Face it: we have all been there: car-pool time, homework is horrendous, what is for dinner and the yawning doesn’t stop. Fatigue is always the reason and maybe one of the reasons we are so tired is because we do not have the right level of oxygen in our bodies.»

    I received a sample of Oxygen Plus (O+) and while I was leery to try it I am so glad that I did. The canister weighs just about nothing and contains 95% pure oxygen to get you back in the game and way from the terribly polluted air around us.

    This product comes in a few flavor options: Natural, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit; I have the peppermint and find it really refreshing! I have the “O+ Stick” which carries 40+ breaths per canister; this means you can use it up to 12 times before you need a new one (other smaller options also exist).

    There are so many great reasons to use this product; I have to say originally I was like “why would someone need this” and now I am thinking “everyone should have this”.
    Other than helping you get through the mid-day exhaustion, O+ is also great for athletic stamina, recovering from your late night out or even when skiing or hiking at higher elevations.

    I am surely becoming a huge fan! Just 3-5 breaths usually gets you back to where you want to be! Visit http://www.oxygenplus.com/ for more information.

  • Elevate Your Festival Experience with Oxygen Plus

    Elevate Your Festival Experience with Oxygen PlusPDF Version

    Skope Magazine

    For the millions of individuals who cannot start their day without a tall cup of Joe, an energy shot, shake or supplement, there is a fundamental, all-natural alternative that has been proven to boost energy and increase alertness – oxygen. Studies reveal that fatigue is one of the most common conditions experienced by people worldwide, and a fact which often goes unnoticed is that oxygen can relieve this issue. The cells in a human body create energy in order to function, and can only do so if they have appropriate levels of oxygen. Essentially, every breath that we take (of oxygen) converts to energy.»

    With this in mind, Oxygen Plus (O+) has developed a line of portable, recreational oxygen providing enriched air to wellness-minded individuals. Each light-weight canister of Oxygen Plus holds 95% pure oxygen, offering users a healthy alternative to polluted and stale air.

    Research has shown that increasing one’s oxygen intake has numerous benefits on the human body. Breathing supplemental oxygen can help improve mental clarity, cognitive performance, increase alertness and energy, and decreases stress levels. Oxygen also helps the body to recuperate after vigorous physical activity.

    Oxygen Plus features a variety of product offerings including the O+ Mini canister, which offers 24+ breaths of oxygen, the O+ Skinni canister, which offers more than 50 breaths of oxygen, and the O+ Elevate Pack, which includes the reusable O-Stick shell and two starter refills – each offering more than 50 breaths of oxygen.

    Each product can also be purchased in a variety of flavors, including Natural, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit, and is available online. http://oxygenplus.com

  • 3 products that might make meditation easier and more enjoyable

    3 products that might make meditation easier and more enjoyablePDF Version

    Los Angeles Times

    Meditating can take some getting used to: the stillness, learning how to breathe, keeping all those extraneous thoughts at bay…These products might make the practice easier and more enjoyable, while helping to enhance its known benefits.»

    Mental clarity is one of the objectives of meditating. To help that along, some practitioners use O+, a flavored oxygen boost made by a company called Oxygen Plus: Miniature canisters provide oxygen puffs (there’s lightly scented peppermint, pink grapefruit or natural) to de-stress prior to meditating, and to improve alertness after.

    From $23.97 for a three-pack. oxygenplus.com.

  • Are You Still Drinking Coffee? We Switched To Pure Oxygen

    Are You Still Drinking Coffee? We Switched To Pure OxygenPDF Version

    Your Tango

    The rush for using pure oxygen to stay alert – There’s no secret anymore that the quality of air has been decreasing in the past decade with the ozone layer thinning out and the gas emission pollution reaching an all time high. But the idea of having to breathe canned oxygen is still something that we at least like to think will never happen.»

    With that in mind, the health-conscious, especially the ones living in high smog areas like Los Angeles, New York and other big metropolitan areas, understand the value of recreational pure oxygen. We reached out to Oxygen Plus (O+) one of the biggest manufacturers of recreational oxygen products to get the scoop on this pure oxygen trend. The cans deliver 95% pure oxygen in stylish, purse and pocket-sized canisters that consumers can easily carry and breathe whenever oxygen levels are depleted from pollution, poor air quality, and other stresses of modern life.

    It turns out celebrities like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Mick Jagger, and Kim Kardashian use oxygen recreationally to increase feelings of vitality, to recover more quickly, and improve focus and mental clarity. “Oxygen can help combat damage from increased energy levels,” explains Dr. Kelly Bender, ND of the Pure Vitality Center in Los Angeles. “Discussions on the positive effects of pure oxygen on human cells are leaning towards the ability oxygen has to make them stronger.”

    While the research on the subject is extensive and the benefits seem to be countless from speedy recoveries, better mental clarity, slowing down the effects of aging, we decided to bypass the science and do our own little research. Here’s what we found out after a week of using Oxygen Plus:

    1. Alleviates the effects of jetlag. I happen to get my first Oxygen Plus can right as I was getting back from a long trip. Over the years, I’ve built my own strategies of dealing with jetlag and for the most part they’re quite effective, but Oxygen Plus was a complete game changer. I would use it right around those times in late afternoon when I really wanted a nap and it would bring me back up to reality.

    2. Increased energy. For some people, not drinking coffee takes them to a realm of panic, anger and drowsiness spanning a variety of feelings none of which are too positive. Using Oxygen Plus instead of all those caffeinated drinks made us more awake and gave us more energy than coffee ever could.

    3. Better mood. Oxygen Plus helps bring more oxygen to the brain, which results in a better mood and better attitude altogether.

    4. Better recovery after exercise. You know that feeling after you’ve gone for a long run, that feeling that you can’t catch your breath and your heart is about to pop out of your chest. A few pumps of Oxygen Plus after that run and that feeling actually went a way.

    5. No fatigue. We all have those moments when we feel completely drained of energy, when we’re not just tired, we’re completely fatigued. Well Oxygen Plus helped with that too. No more fatigue, no more drained feeling.

    Antonella James, a fitness expert says that “Oxygen Plus is known as the Evian of the air industry, you see the oxygen cans come out when people are stressed, tired, queasy, shredding the slopes in high elevation or recovering from a night out.”

    Why are you still drinking coffee?

  • Oxygen Plus

    Oxygen PlusPDF Version

    The Beauty Battalion

    O+ oxygen elevates your energy, increased your alertness and restores your get up and go. The active ingredient is 95% pure enriched oxygen, delivered at nearly four times the concentration of oxygen found in everyday, unpolluted air. »

    Just a few deep breaths – through your mouth or your nose – helps revitalize, boost energy, and alleviate the effects of vigorous exercise, travel, altitude, poor air quality, and a night on the town.

  • Recreational Oxygen is the New 'High'

    Recreational Oxygen is the New 'High'PDF Version

    The Huffington Post by Angeli Kadade | Buzz60

    Portable oxygen in stylish tin cans may sound like something out from the future, but it’s very on trend. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story. »

  • Oxygen Plus’s O+ Refreshing Pink Grapefruit Flavor

    Oxygen Plus’s O+ Refreshing Pink Grapefruit FlavorPDF Version

    Lauralis Blosg

    I like using this when I have had a very stressful day working. I felt totally refreshed once I inhaled the 3 breaths. I’m one that stays short of breath and to have this really more convenient because I can carry this in my pocket, or bag it’s such a nice size. My oxygen levels are up to 99% and that has really surprised me because mine is always around 97%. I have been sharing my new experience with family and friends about this wonderful product. »

    O+ Refills – Pink Grapefruit – 3-Pack – Oxygen Plus

    Make sure to go check their website out and Social Media:


  • New Year Gear

    New Year GearPDF Version

    Flourish Magazine by Daniel Sutphin

    Oxygen Plus. O+ is a portable, recreational oxygen canister for health and wellness enthusiasts everywhere. Get a flavored burst of energy, a drop in stress, a sobering breath or an altitude antidote all in one easy to tote tube of oxygen. Prices vary, OxygenPlus.com. »

  • How Recreational, Portable Oxygen Became Consumer-Friendly

    How Recreational, Portable Oxygen Became Consumer-FriendlyPDF Version

    Founder's Guide by Camille Marie Marcon

    In 2006, Christine Warren and her sister embarked on a journey that would change their lives forever. Gathering a “room full of geniuses” together, the dynamic duo managed to convince them that recreational canned oxygen would be the next big thing. Years of research on how supplemental oxygen could be beneficial had prepared them for that very moment. In other words, the two were ready to make sure that the world becomes a much healthier place.»

    Oxygen Plus Inc., as they have come to name their company, is the leading manufacturer, marketer, and purveyor of a brand new health and wellness category. Each product comes in an attractive and pocket friendly canister that contains 95% pure oxygen. It is a perfect alternative to all the energy drinks, shots, and supplements out there. With its no-calorie, no-caffeine, and no-side effect way to energize and recover from travel, polluted air, vigorous exercise, and late nights out, Oxygen Plus Inc. is quickly becoming a much sought after brand.


    Warren had taken inspiration from what she thought was an unsettling situation: the predominance of supplemental oxygen in a world that had a negative perception of it. Before the creation of Oxygen Plus, many people would associate oxygen with uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassing cannulas for sick people. The sisters began to envision the creation of an oxygen product that was sleek, portable, easy to use, and completely consumer friendly. An additional inspiration and drive for the company also stems from their belief that everybody deserves the right to breathe well.


    The initial concept of the company had gained traction fairly quickly. Many had seen the vision of oxygen as the ‘next bottled water’ and understood the benefits. The traction went from concept into reality fast enough. Christine Warren was able to raise the initial capital in a relatively short time. However, one mistake made was the attempt to operate the business from the top down, as if it were a traditional company. The attempt at doing so had caused the company to have a high burn rate, which quickly depleted funds, leading to a stagnation in growth for the first few years.


    Within a few short months, Oxygen Plus had entered the global market. To this day, it continues to expand towards different markets that are drawn to its unique health and wellness benefit. Regular orders and inquiries are received from countries where the quality of life is a highly regarded value, as well as those countries that are experiencing an increasingly worse quality of air. The ability of Oxygen Plus to continue its expansion is the key to the company’s vision of making portable recreational oxygen available to anyone who wants a restorative breath.
    The pioneering of the recreational canned oxygen category itself can be seen as a major accomplishment in of itself. Oxygen plus has set the bar for the rest of the world in terms of productivity quality, design and technology. Beyond that, other milestones that the company has enjoyed would be the development of a quality engineered product, consumer education for the product’s benefits and systematic global distribution. With its goal of becoming a truly global company providing quality US oxygen to the rest of the world, it would not be surprising to see Oxygen Plus continuing to lead in this growing category.


    Oxygen Plus, as an entrepreneurial company, is always exploring new ideas and developing products that have the potential to improve as a life. At any given time, they have a number of major initiatives, both in terms of addressable markets and new products into those markets. A key area they have specifically focused on is the improvement in their production capability and how all processes can be streamlined for the sake of efficiency and the providing of the highest quality product on the market.


    For those with passion and great business ideas, one concern that needs to be addressed would be whether or not the time, tenacity, and the right team is available to bring the idea into fruition. An entrepreneur’s resolve and courage must always remain firm. Another priority should be a balance between work and life. Downtime for family and friends must always be set aside not only for the sake of personal happiness, but also to help in the mental and physical rejuvenation process.

  • Oxygen Plus Gives People a Refreshing Breath of Pure Oxygen

    Oxygen Plus Gives People a Refreshing Breath of Pure OxygenPDF Version

    Founder's Guide

    Oxygen is an element that people need everyday for the body to function during daily activities. In fact, it fuels the body, allowing it to produce energy from the food people eat. Millions may down energy drinks, a cup of coffee or food supplements as morning boosters but the best alternative–proven to increase energy–is actually a can of Oxygen Plus.»

    Oxygen Plus contains 95% pure oxygen, sealed in a canister made from recyclable aluminum. The company behind this product was founded on 2006 by Christine Warren, a business consultant and psychotherapist, together with a group of geniuses who were the first to believe and proclaim that recreational canned oxygen could be the next big thing after bottled water.

    Geared for wellness-minded persons or those who want a breath of fresh air (oxygen), the portable canned oxygen comes in different sizes: the O+ Mini, O+ Skinni and O+ Elevate Pack. It is also available in unscented and scented flavors like Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit flavors.

    Oxygen Plus can be ordered online at oxygenplus.com. It is also available in high-end spas, hotels, salons, grocery and recreation stores in US and abroad.

  • Stay healthy, energized & fog-free on the slopes!

    Stay healthy, energized & fog-free on the slopes!PDF Version


    Oxygen! My friends from California and NYC recently tried samples of Oxygen Plus that were provided to Snowgrrl.com for review. Coming from a low altitude, there were a bit winded skiing the slopes of Vail, Colorado. The verdict: Helped with recuperation from the exertion and strain of the slopes. »

  • New Year’s Day Hangover Cure? Chances Are, You’re Doing It Wrong

    New Year’s Day Hangover Cure? Chances Are, You’re Doing It WrongPDF Version

    The Street by Brian O'Connell

    With New Year’s Day upon us, a word or two on overindulgence might be in order. Specifically, if you happened to over-imbibe while the ball dropped on 2015, don’t wail and gnash your teeth at the course of fate that turned you into a party hound on New Year’s Eve.»

    No, that’s on you, but at least take a few key steps to minimize the effects of a nasty hangover the next day, while learning a few limits on how much liquor you can and should endure on any day of the year.

    Health experts at LabDoor.com helpfully point out a few myths that too many New Year’s revelers rely on to help with a hangover. First, if you wake up on New Year’s Day feeling like W.C Fields on a bad day, don’t expect any “hair of the dog” remedies to solve the problem.

    “Drinking more alcohol when you have a hangover, only works temporarily by raising your BAC — blood alcohol concentration,” LabDoor tells TheStreet. “A hangover will return once BAC begins to drop.”

    Don’t expect simple sugars to relieve that upset stomach and pounding headache, either. “Glucose or fructose taken after intoxication produced no change in hangover symptoms in a clinical study,” the company states.

    Slugging down a few cups of hot coffee isn’t necessarily a great idea, some say. “Alcohol and caffeine are both diuretics, so lots of coffee just leads to more dehydration, which will make a hangover worse,” Glass Door points out.

    Others believe coffee can actually be a major help.

    “A popular ‘myth-shatter’ is the idea that coffee is not good for a hangover,” says Bradford Hines, a lifestyle and workplace consultant. This concept is often conflated from the reality that coffee is not good for sobering people up, Hines explains. “While that is true – nothing sobers up a person other than time and their body metabolizing alcohol – coffee, which is a vasoconstrictor, can at least help relieve the headache aspect of a hangover the next day.”

    The answer may not lie with herbal hangover pills, which turn out to be more placebo than pacifier for hungover Americans on New Year’s Day. “In a study of hangover pills with yeast, borage, artichoke, and/or prickly pear extract, no significant hangover benefits were found,” GlassDoor adds.

    Everyone, it seems, has an idea of what hangover cures work best. One common denominator is most involve some combination of vitamins and nutrients. “As we kick off 2016, instead of reaching for fried food or a greasy breakfast, combine fresh juice with 100% chilled natural coconut water, providing the ultimate combination to fight your hangover without killing your diet,” say the experts at El Zegundo, Calif.-based ZICO, which provides a variety of chilled juice blended drinks to consumers.

    Chilled juices do offer some healthy benefits for Americans who over indulge on New Year’s Day (or any day). “Number one, they’re packed with potassium,” the company explains in an email to TheStreet. “And potassium are naturally occurring electrolytes that hold onto water to decrease dehydration.”

    Healthy juices can promote blood sugar boosting, too, which can alleviate a hangover.

    “Alcohol can result to a drop in blood sugar,” ZICO reports. The fresh juice present in the chilled juice blends treat mild to low blood sugar. Add some vitamin C, as well. “Vitamin C is a primary nutrient depleted by alcohol and stimulates the liver to break down the booze,” ZICO reports.

    Or, about how some pure, fresh oxygen to cleanse the hungover palate? “When you’ve had one too many drinks and things are a bit hazy, increasing your oxygen intake can help you to revitalize and restore your body in an all natural way,” say the specialists at Oxygen Plus (O+), an oxygen products provider based in Minnetonka, Minn.  The company offers night time imbibers lightweight canisters that contain 95% pure oxygen, to get a boost of energy, reduce stress, help out with recovery from a night out and more, company officials tell TheStreet.

    Food can help, too, albeit in uniquely created recipes.

    Pastry chef Ryan Butler of the Michelin-rated Piora restaurant in New York City, puts a twist on the classic bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for his personal hangover cure. He uses a scone instead of a traditional roll, and makes the sandwich with candied bacon (cooked in the oven with brown sugar). “The key to making great scones is mixing the dough by hand to produce a flaky, light crumb,” Butler says. He advises using cold butter for the dough and to let it rest for 20 minutes before baking. “This lets any gluten that has developed to relax, resulting in a tenderer scone,” he adds. “Make the scones ahead, then top with bacon, egg and cheese the morning after and enjoy with my signature hair-of-the-dog drink: a Mango-Orange Mimosa Smoothie featuring champagne and the fresh fruit blended with ice.”

    Virtually all experts we contacted agree hydration is a “must have” during and after a holiday binge.

    “Much of the hangover is related to a hydration issue,” says Dr. Arielle Levitan, co-founder of Vous Vitamin LLC, a “personal vitamins” company. “The cells in your brain lose vital electrolytes from drinking — the cells dehydrate and these cause your symptoms. The key is therefore the proper balance of electrolytes and water during and just following drinking to prevent the hangover.”

    Levitan says that, in hospitals, medical staffers use a specific bright yellow IV formulation for people who have been drinking, referred to as “a banana bag”. “It contains the right mix of nutrients and water,” Levitan adds. “So we have created our own version of the banana bag in pill form, called the Recovery Act and it comes in handy pocket sized. It’s best taken while drinking and again before going to bed. If needed it can be taken in the morning.”

    Of course, to avoid that hangover complete the next day, it’s best to have gone easy on the champagne on New Year’s Eve. There’s always this year to remember that sage piece of advice.

  • Is “Recreational” Oxygen the Next Luxury Commodity?

    Is “Recreational” Oxygen the Next Luxury Commodity?PDF Version

    Luxury Daily by Staff reports

    High-end spas at luxury hotels may have tapped a growing trend through the placement of Oxygen Plus canisters as portable oxygen becomes more popular. As affluent consumers are increasingly discerning when it comes to holistic measures of health and wellness, and as pollution levels spike in cities such as Beijing, bottled oxygen is becoming commonplace. Although time is often referred to as the only true luxury commodity available, pure oxygen may soon replace in-demand spare time as a must-have.»

    Breathe right

    Oxygen Plus, referred to as O+, is a “recreational” oxygen product that provides users with 95 percent pure oxygen in a stylish purse and pocket-sized canisters. Users can rely on Oxygen Plus to breathe when oxygen levels are poor due to pollution, diminished air quality and stress from daily life.

    The canisters are filled and monitored for quality in the United States, and support a wellness mindset that extends from oxygen facials to oxygen bars.

    Celebrity influencers such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have been known to use oxygen recreationally to increase vitality, recover more quickly from ailments and improve focus and mental clarity.

    Nicknamed the “Evian of the air industry,” Oxygen Plus is also used by international travelers who are concerned with the air quality in certain destinations. Locals are also at risk of pollution as well, as is evident in Beijing, as the city implemented a “red alert” for “choking” smog.
    As of press time, Oxygen Plus is carried at a number of luxury and high-end hospitality brand properties. These include multiple W Hotels worldwide, including W Hong Kong and the spas of The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Hyatt Regency, Starwood, Marriott and Hilton.

    As consumers have become more health-conscious and aware of what they put into their bodies, hospitality brands have responded with wellness programming.

    or instance, The Peninsula Hotels combined Western and Eastern health philosophies to relaunch its wellness programs across all properties.

    Redirecting attention to the program will open a wellness center, focus on sleep patterns of stressed guests, create a spa experience focused on natural products, offer massage opportunities and provide healthy dining options. The surge of healthy lifestyle options across Peninsula properties will reflect upon the brand’s dedication to guests and their lifestyle choices.

  • Best Hangover Cures to Help You Bounce Back

    Best Hangover Cures to Help You Bounce BackPDF Version

    Best Products by Amy Schlinger

    Headache, puffy eyes, and maybe even serious nausea? Sounds like you may have a hangover. Trust us, we’ve been there. Kick it to the curb quickly with these helpers.»

    O+ Mini Natural 3-pack $24, oxygenplus.com

    Oxygen can actually help restore your body to its normal state after a night of partying. Keep these canned oxygen containers on hand to help you wake up and feel more alert.

  • Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Fanatic

    Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness FanaticPDF Version

    Manhattan with a Twist by Amanda Mactas

    Know someone who just seems to live in the gym? Yea, we all have one of those friends. So we’ve put together some fun and unique products that will make great gifts for that fitness fanatic friend you have. Give em a whirl and let us know how it goes!»

    Ever find yourself on a long run and after a while you have trouble breathing? Oxygen Plus (O+) is a new brand that delivers customers portable, recreational oxygen. A canister of O+ contains 95% pure oxygen, the benefits of which are numerous. Customers can use this added boost of oxygen to recover from late nights, help with altitude or pollution, recover from a long run, help them to relax and unwind, or even increase their focus and mental clarity. Yes, oxygen has many benefits and now it’s easier than ever to discover them. Plus, O+ is available in different flavors, as well, including natural, peppermint and pink grapefruit.

  • Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas For Older Skiers

    Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas For Older SkiersPDF Version

    The Huffington Post by Jon Weisberg
  • Holiday Gift Guide from the Experts at SkiRacing.com

    Holiday Gift Guide from the Experts at SkiRacing.comPDF Version

    SkiRacing.com by Sarah Tuff Dunn

    For 50 years, Dale of Norway has been keeping good-looking Norwegian ski racers warm with their good-looking knits. (Sorry, no ugly sweater party here!) My husband and I are ready to hit the Park City streets in his and hers Lillehammer sweaters…»

    …To welcome aboard our brand-new Associate Editor, we’d like to raise a glass of Shacksbury Cider, the sine qua non of gluten-free beverages. It’s made from foraged apples and pairs just as well with pizza as it does with prosciutto. $30

    …But to cope with the altitude, the New Hampshire resident will need a shot — a shot of oxygen, that is, in a canister of O+, oxygen-enriched air that comes in portable tubes and three flavors — natural, peppermint and pink grapefruit…

  • Holiday Gift Guide

    Holiday Gift GuidePDF Version

    Fiftyisthenewfifty.com by Susan Hornick

    Oxygen Plus: www.OxygenPlus.com is a portable, recreational oxygen. Athletes (breathing just a few pumps after a workout can increase stamina and help muscles recover faster from fatigue), Beauty Lovers (increased oxygen intake increases circulation, which increases the delivery of nutrition to the skin, helps to clear and minimize clogged pores, gives skin brightness and clarity and restores radiance and freshness), and Office Workers (O+ serves as an energy booster), can all benefit.
    Also, travelers (restore depleted oxygen levels after a long flight and alleviate jet lag) and motorists (combat the effects of stale air and pollution from extended car rides). »

  • Oxygen Plus O+ Review

    Oxygen Plus O+ ReviewPDF Version

    The Other View by Valkor

    Hey gang, Valkor here. And I’m coming at ya with something that’s totally unique and it might be something you never though existed… and yet here it is. Or maybe you knew It existed but didn’t bother to tell me… bunch of jackals! Well we’ve all heard of “can of air” right? You use it to get the crumbs and stuff from the crevices of your keyboard after a long night of gaming and Doritos? Enter Oxygen Plus or “O+”, with an interesting way to get a jolt of the pure stuff we breathe in every day, when we need it the most.»

    O+ packs 95% of pure oxygen in a slim aerosol style can, which comes in two sizes (Skinni and Mini) and three flavors (regular, peppermint and pink grapefruit). To use the product you simply spray directly in your face or spray and suck it in through the mouth (my preferred method). However the biggest question to ask is: why do I need a can of oxygen? Taken from the company’s press release showcasing those who benefit most from the product:

    • Athletes: breathing just a few pumps after a workout can increase stamina and help muscles recover faster from fatigue
    • Beauty Lovers: increased oxygen intake increases circulation, which increases the delivery of nutrition to the skin, helps to clear and minimize clogged pores, gives skin brightness and clarity and restores radiance and freshness
    • Office Workers & Students: O+ serves as an energy booster
    • Travelers: restore depleted oxygen levels after a long flight and alleviate jet lag
    • Motorists: combat the effects of stale air and pollution from extended car rides

    But even if your type isn’t there, you can still make good with the product. Now, using O+ is simple, however the can doesn’t detail how long you should spray, but I went with one and two second bursts. With the flavors you get a very slight taste, nothing that’ll make you wince – this is especially true with the pink grapefruit as the flavor seems more prominent than with peppermint. I took O+ with me to work daily (kudos to the company for providing TOV with 3 cans to work with); not only that but I’ve also used it post flights on a small trip I took recently – though not before or directly after a flight, since I don’t want to be seen doing something that might be considered “suspicious”. With work, my day begins at 3 AM, so I’m in much need of a “perk me up”, to relieve myself of that sluggish pre-work start. My go to is usually coffee and when it comes to energy drinks? I’m not a fan. Post flight, I’ll get to my destination, take a quick restroom break and soak in some of that pure O+ to see if it helps with the jetlag.

    The Good:

    Given the proposed benefits of using O+, I’d have to concur with it for the most part; never having used such a product prior to this and using O+ in different scenarios, I feel as though it works for what you would need it for. For me, I do get that feeling of increased alertness and clarity – clarity especially, because a few times when I know I want to write a review, I would hit a wall and my usual methods to get past it don’t always work. But taking in a couple of shots of O+ does help to clear the mind and makes it easier for me to process what I want to think and say; the feeling doesn’t kick in directly, but when it does, it feels pretty good. The can is very lightweight and slim enough that it can be taken with you anywhere without any added bulk or weight and ready whenever you need it. In the end, I have to say I’m impressed with O+ and all the benefits that come with it. It’s a nifty and unique product that’ll take some getting used to, but you’ll appreciate the overall effects it gives.

    The Bad: N/A

    The Ugly: N/A

    If you’re interested in learning more about Oxygen Plus O+ products or purchasing a can or two (remember Skinni or Mini) for yourself or others, then simply click that logo to the right to get started. O+ not only makes for a cool treat for you but would make for excellent stocking stuffers this holiday season. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m gonna score O+ at a 5 and it’s been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

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