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Oxygen Plus’s '1 Cent for 1 Canister' Commitment Makes A Larger – And Local – Difference

June 11, 2021 2 min read

    Oxygen Plus’s '1 Cent for 1 Canister' Commitment Makes A Larger – And Local – Difference

    On behalf of Oxygen Plus (O+), I am delighted to announce our recent support of The Nature Conservancy’s highest priority environmental initiatives through our latest donation. Our contribution – a total value of $2,000 USD – was matched by corporate donors. The local Minnesota chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) will use the gift to implement critical programs that support Minnesota’s land and water.

    Specific TNC initiatives Oxygen Plus’s gift will support include:


    • Protecting Minnesota’s land and water (e.g., the Mississippi River Headwaters)

    • Providing food and water sustainably (e.g., improving soil health work with farmers), and

    • Tackling climate change (e.g., reforestation along Highway 61 and further inland from Lake Superior). 

    Aerial view of the Kettle River and surrounding landscape in Minnesota. Photo courtesy of The Nature Conservancy © Mark Godfrey

    It may only be one cent of every oxygen canister O+ can allocate to clean air solutions at present. However, it’s beautiful to see – and to be reminded – that even pennies add up! Plus, Oxygen Plus’s commitment to donate ‘1 Cent for 1 Canister’ is actually fueling – little by little, one O+ canister at a time – causes and organizations which are making inroads in saving our environment and natural resources. We – O+ the company and O+ customers – are playing a part that matters.

    Oxygen Plus is grateful for its customers – who choose to breath O+ oxygen – for allowing O+’s environment and sustainably-minded gifts to happen. We’re especially thankful that this donation benefits nature in our beautiful home state of Minnesota, where we are mobilized to fulfill the company’s mission to make a significant contribution to the wellbeing of humankind.


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