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Benefits of Pre-Loading Supplemental Oxygen for Athletes

Athletes understand that cellular respiration is required for aerobic exercise. You breathe in oxygen, then it travels through your bloodstream to your muscles, where it combines with the stored glucose to create ATP, your body’s primary energy source. Although both oxygen and glucose are required for ATP production, oxygen is typically the body’s limiting resource in this process. When we start to run out of oxygen, we enter an anaerobic phase of exercise, where lactic acid is produced, energy starts to run out, and your body’s central nervous system limits...

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The Role of Oxygen in Muscle Recovery

We’ve seen how muscles use oxygen during exercise, but how does oxygen affect your body once you’ve kicked off your shoes and whipped up a protein shake? Let’s take a look at how oxygen can help your muscles safely recover...

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How Oxygen Affects Muscle Performance

Craig Inaba and the O+ Team | We all know that our bodies need oxygen to survive, but we often overlook its importance in exercise capabilities and muscle performance. High level athletes in every sport are turning to portable oxygen...

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