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Why Oxygen Plus is the Must-Have Ski and Snowboarding Accessory

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member | Do you plan on going skiing or snowboarding this season? In addition to making sure you bring all the necessary equipment to maximize your enjoyment, you should also ensure you’re well-prepared for adjusting to the altitude. Bringing along recreational oxygen canisters - or having Oxygen Plus (O+) shipped to your lodge, resort or final ski destination - is a must if you hope to feel and perform your absolute best and truly enjoy your adventure without being knocked down by the many rigors of...

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The Best Time to Breathe Canned Oxygen?

Perhaps the question is, when isn’t it the best time to breathe canned oxygen? Any time is a good time for healthy people who use the product as directed…unless you’re flying in a commercial airplane. In that case it’s not...

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Oxygen Plus's Ultimate Ski & Snowboarding Guide

The Top 5 Ski Resorts in North America Bust out your long johns and pack your Oxygen Plus O+ Elevate Pack because we're hitting the slopes! Here's a list of the best ski resorts in North America to get your...

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