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How to Use Oxygen for MMA

Benefit to MMA Athletes Stay Strong and Explosive for Longer Reduce Lactic Acid Fatigue Reduce Recovery Time Between Training Sessions Helps give you energy when cutting weight When to Use Oxygen plus (Formerly Oxygen Factor) Before any High Intensity Training During Training – When you need a Boost Before Strength Training After Training for Recovery Before Fights when possible During weight-loss efforts – added energy without calories Immediately following weigh-in to restore energy levels quickly When Not to Use Oxygen Plus Cardio Training (If your goal is to improve your...

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Using Supplemental Oxygen to Improve Athletic Performance

This is a video that every serious athlete should watch. Sports oxygen expert, Craig Inaba, discusses how and why supplemental, recreational oxygen can be used to dramatically improve power, endurance and recovery. There are so many benefits of supplemental oxygen,...

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