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Oxygen Bars vs Portable Oxygen Guide: Mobility of Canned Oxygen

Here at Oxygen Plus (O+), we're big believers in pure oxygen. While posting up at an oxygen bar can give you some of the same great benefits of breathing pure oxygen as portable O2, there's one aspect of canned oxygen that trumps its stationary counterpart: portability. Here's how you can take advantage of an oxygen boost wherever you go. Got oxygen? At Work - Studies show that those who breathe pure oxygen show a significant improvement in cognitive performance and perform better on recall tests and reaction time (Scholey). Keep...

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Ultimate Biking Guide - Biking Checklists for Short, Medium and Long Distances

Whether you’re heading off for a day trip or embarking on a cross-country expedition, Oxygen Plus (O+) can help you pack your saddle bags like the pros. First, pack a few canisters of portable, recreational oxygen, like the O+ Skinni,...

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Ultimate Biking Guide - Road Biking Safety Tips

Serious cyclers know two things: 1) wear a helmet, and 2) follow road laws. However, there’s much more to the story in a pedestrian-heavy city or when cars are whizzing by at high speeds. The increase of texting while driving,...

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